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  1. Both are great, with a preference for the first one...
  2. What model are you all using? 11870? I am confused with the terminology...
  3. Personally, I am much more pleased by the great rendering of the lovely grand-daughter, who, I guess, is the subject...
  4. Thank you. Actually, I meant Summicron 35 APO or not? I'd be interested to know if you preferred the Summilux 35 FLE over the APO Summicron.
  5. I like the Summar picture a lot. It reminds me a Gainsborough painting...great
  6. I personally prefer the last one
  7. Get both, try both...and take your pick...personally, I keep both 😀
  8. I own the last version of the elmarit...great lens...but I don't like 28mm focus length...🙁.
  9. Difficult question...I like them all...and never sold any 😀 Being a fan of the 50 focal length, I'd give my preference to the Summilux 50 Asph, although all the others are not far behind
  10. As long as you are happy with your 50's, the answer is yes 😄
  11. I'd like a M-EVF, not necessarily a M10-EVF...I couldn't care less of a few mm thickness. Q or M240 thickness if fine with me.
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