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  1. Help me, please...who said...never sell a Leica lens 😀
  2. Don't understand...can you develop?
  3. It's time to buy a 5th ASPH one 😀...I will never sell mine
  4. Might be the right solution when I have hard time deciding between 35 and 50 😄...but adapted framelines would be required
  5. Sounds like an interesting concept...😄
  6. Maybe, but the other FLE's crops posted here by Jono are not that unsharp...🤔
  7. The focusing of my Lux 35 FLE is just perfect...matter of taste
  8. There is no focusing problem with the 50 Lux ASPH...
  9. Many thanks for this comparison. FLE and APO performances are very close IMO, except on the roof, where the difference is quite visible...
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