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Found 16 results

  1. Hello experts! :-) Anyone here who can tell me what I am looking at in the rangefinder illumination window? It’s a double stroke Leica M3 from 1957. Works great, and the viewfinder doesn’t show any other problems.
  2. Hi, I've had an M2 for a while now and the illumination window is now cracked and loose. Where could I buy a replacement? I can't find any used/new parts on ebay. Any source where I could get a new one? Thanks, Tommy Plouffe
  3. We had a week there in Wroclaw (Breslau) and the weather was wet and cold even it meant tobe spring. But there is a special charmes of colour when the streets are wet and shining in the lights. The view is on the Rynek, the central place seen from a bylane. Leica Q, handheld
  4. We followed a recommendation of a footage on TV to discover Wroclaw's famous meeting scene with bars and clubs. What did we find? We followed some students and our was lead us to a deserted backyard. The fanous graffity art looked quite pink in that odd light. Yes, a location with potential but that small with nobody there? Leica Q
  5. Breslau, (Wroclaw) - Poland After dinner we went out again into the rain, armed with plastic covers,tripods and prepared to face cold and wet and windy atrocities. This Bridge is famous and with its strange blue colour makes a good effect at any time
  6. My walk during our city at the blue hour almost ended here and I was thinking about to have a nice draught. But then I decided to have a last shot of the day with this guest sitting outside a pub in February! Leica Q - 2.8 - 1/125 sec - ISO 8000
  7. People going home from Christmas Shopping strolling through the rainy bylanes of our historic centre of Bielefeld Leica Q
  8. Detmold, Open Air Museum, Occasion of Advent 2nd The crowd was moving slowly. People taking out their smartphones, and small flashes. I carried my favourite Berlebah wooden tripod and I could feel people ask what does she need that tripod for such a small compact camera for. Don't you use a flash. Nope, I do not have any.....but there was no chance to get e free sight, so this guy was busy and so was I.... Leica Q
  9. Last Weekend we went to a city on occasion of a firework to the city of Dortmund. As it took place in an illuminated park we spent a couple of hours there and felt as if being in a colorful fairy tale. (My shots with 5DMKII+Mamiya zoom lens can be seen on my Flickr account) Olympus EM 5 with Summilux 15 mm used as back-up camera. It was also good to have a fast prime lens which had to be handheld, since the tripod word with the heavier camera. Enjoy the color burst!
  10. this is the pond of a reconstructed village of the Demold Open-Air museum which is open on the second weekend of december on the occasion of an advent market. The whole village is being illuminated and here you can see the result of the struggle against disturbing willows this is a vertical pano of 2 pictures with Canon 5D MKII and Elmarit R 90 mm
  11. Our neighbour city of Detmold has many attractions to offer. Among them is one of Europe's largest open air museums with old farm houses of the region. Beign situated at the hills of the Teutoburger Forest with its smooth hills it is an idyllic place. In the winter season they open on the second december weekend to surprise people by its illumination and a market with upper level products of handcraft. I was able to catch a few pictures of twilight. These are all with Canon 5D MKII and R lenses Summicron 50 mm and Elmarit 90 mm These are all longtimes exposures with f-stops of 8 or 11 and 10 secs - 20 Secs speed Summicron R 50 mm Elmarit R 90 mm Elmarit R 90 mm Elmarit R 90 mm Elmarit R 90 mm
  12. this beauty unfolded its pleasant sight in our garden. The last sunray of the day touched its velvet petals. Canon5D MKII with Summicron R 50 mm + achromat lens
  13. this is my very first series of my new setup with Canon 5D MKII+Elmarit 180 mm, tripod, flashlight and handheld silver reflector. A quiet evening in our local Botanical Garden. You may have a look and perhaps you may enjoy the walk.
  14. there is a fort in our neighbourhood. It is the landmark of our city and from our house a short walk. I go there very often just for a check and evening afterwork stroll. the red cloth was wrapped on the occasion of an action of out local decoration specialists as a weekend attraction. due to compression I am afraid the last one may not show its full potential. Probably I have to check the method of downscaling. There are some deficiencies itne sky and the texture of the stones which are not being seen in my Tiff files. Perhaps somebody has an advice for downscaling properly. Canon MKII with Elmarit R lenses 35 mm and 60 mm Macro
  15. A Merry Christmas to all! These shots are from the Open-Air Museum in Detmold, Germany, EastWestphalia - It is open during the winter season only for the occasion of the 2nd advent. Then the main village is being illuminated, people enjoy a highclass Christmas Market, drink hot alcolholics like "Glühwein". Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R-90 mm [ATTACH]352335[/ATTACH] Elmarit R-35mm [ATTACH]352336[/ATTACH]
  16. The Open-Air Museum in Detmold, Germany, Northrhine Westphalia, is the biggest of its kind in Europe. Old farmhouses from the region were shifted to this place and their historic value can be admired along with tools of agriculture and arts of craftsmanship. Walking in a beautiful landscape with a look into history makes this place a great attraction. In winterseason it is closed but opened on the 2nd advent for this occasion ans everything is being illuminated. The first picture is showing the central village with a pond, the second one is showing the same village from a distant view. All pictures taken with Canon 5D MKII and the Elmarit R 35 mm. Thanks for viewing [ATTACH]350921[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]350922[/ATTACH]
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