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  1. Hi I'm part of '24 Photography' http://www.24photography.org A collective of 24 photographers who take images representing the hour of the day, one hour each, on Jan 1 each year. The curated images are then exhibited in central London (Soho Square) for 4 weeks in March. It's always a tough gig getting something exhibitable in a tight hour. The images are colour and square format, just to make it harder....I would normally have used my M10-P and the 24 Summilux, but as my slot this year was 11pm-12am and I had known for several weeks it was going to be VERY wet I brought forward the purchase of a Q2 I had planned this year. I spent some time setting the camera up and had an hour to get used to it before 11pm. I was very pleased with it indeed. Some reflections (compared to the Sony Rx1Rii I used to have) 1. It's quick, both to focus in difficult conditions and to take images. No issues with VF blackout. 2. Colour (in Lightroom) is just perfect 3. Shooting at ISO 1600 there is a little noise, but it cleans up very well with the new LR AI de-noise and shadows can be pushed a couple of stops. 4. Camera was completely soaked for 2 hrs and other than having to stop and wipe off the lens filter and VF occasionally all was fine. 5. The lens is ideal for cropping to a square format whereas a 35 would be too tight. 6. Set white balance to Tungsten and it was mostly just about correct. So all in all very happy with it! I don't think the Q3 would have offered me any advantages over and above slightly more flexible files. My shortlist of images below
  2. Hello Hello again everyone, so i need to figure out the best way to weather proof my Q, but i dont want to use some big bulky housing or some ridiculous cover. Do any of you fine people know any thing or have any info on the best ways to go about doing this? im heading out on some work trips and its going to be very DUSTY, humid and rainy in one of the locations, and while im not afraid to shoot in the rain and such, i just want to know if we have any options. (other than use a different camera) Thank you all in advance. ian
  3. Hong kong, october 2016 Kowloon, Tok Wa Wan, In the quarter where our hotel was, people go shopping for their household utensils. for us it was interesting to see where normalChinese poeple work and live. During those rainy days of a typhoon of category 3 one cold step outside and get some attractive light situations.
  4. Hong Kong, october 2016 Exchange Square during the heavy rain of a typhoon of category 3. The streets were deserted then because everybody wanted to be under shelter. These situations offer a great chance of light and reflections. The camera behaved absolutely reliable. The sculpture is from Henry Moore. Even my city has one copy and so I felt at home.... Leica Q
  5. The past few days of rain in California have been good for forests (Leica X2)
  6. Hong Kong, october 2015 during a typhoon of category 3 Unstoppable rain but the glamour on the street aound our hotel seemed promising. Leica Q
  7. Hong Kong, october 2016 during a typhoon of category 3 The heavy downpour of rain provided a softener and diffusor for the exposures. Coming out from inside airconsitioned rooms the challenge to keep the camera free from condensation was tricky. After every shot I had to wipe the lens. The Cultural Centre at the harbourfront of Kowloon was for us the first place to wipe off water, clear our things and bcome ready for the next series of shots. Leica Q
  8. Hong Kong, october 2016 while a typhoon category 3 was hitting the city Leica Q
  9. When being in Hong Kong this year in october we had the experience of a typhoon of category no 3. Constant heavy downpour of rain and wind made us look for shelter and then head out for a few shots an wipe the lens afterwards. The Q performed very well.
  10. We had a week there in Wroclaw (Breslau) and the weather was wet and cold even it meant tobe spring. But there is a special charmes of colour when the streets are wet and shining in the lights. The view is on the Rynek, the central place seen from a bylane. Leica Q, handheld
  11. I've tested a few Leica's to their limits in bad weather, and the Leica M10 a little more. So far they have all survived. Here's a story on that and the necessity to face the rain and snow sometimes ... Enjoy! "Leica M10 in the rain"
  12. These days the weather is being dominated by a series of thunderstorm. After a rainshower in the evening light one has to grab camera and rush out to catch the light. For these cases the Leica Q is a great tool being fast, exact and macroproof.
  13. Some images from a rainy/cloudy day walk with the Leica X2 (and closeup filters where appropriate)
  14. I've updated my article on "Snowzilla" on how the Leica's are handling wet and snow, as well as a section about editing grey tones. Enjoy! Thorsten Overgaard: "Photographing Snow"
  15. Bad weather I like. Well, for photography that is... It can make an otherwise dull place that little bit more interesting. My home town is decidedly dull. Even duller on a rainy day. But I managed to get three shots that was worthwhile. This one of them, hope you like it! (M9 with an old 35mm Summicron)
  16. "Just a little rain won't bother me - Lets go out and pay🙏 " My little English Spaniel is always ready but Dad isn't 😔 Z6 Leitz Elmar (3.5/50mm)
  17. Taken whilst walking through Brugge (Belgium) shortly after a rainstorm using the M9 and 35mm Summarit f2.8. I hope you like it!
  18. In our city we have a nice Christmas Market and I go there often (every year with a new camera as it seems) to shoot my Christmas Cards. That day it rained but it did no harm to the Q although it god a bit wet and had to be wiped a few times.
  19. these days are a never ending chain of thunderstorm and short bright moments. when I was in the near forest I became aware of this stramge formation. Our city is in an area of moderate "storms" and normally we do not have heavy damages. Rain immediately started and I only found some sort of shelter under an old beech tree. Olympus OMD EM5 + Summilux 15 mm
  20. HUI all I'm off to Iceland soon with my Q2 and M10. Looks like there'll be a lot of rain. I've used both cameras in the rain occasionally, but am now wondering about some kind of waterproof cover. I know they are fiddly and hard to use, but are they worth the hassle? If so, any recommendations for Lecia bodies? Thanks
  21. yesterday after a period of cold days and heavy rainshowers in the evening rain stopped and I packed my stuff for an excursion to our local Botanical Garden. There was nobody else and I could enjoy a peaceful soft light undisturbed. It was almost dusk and wth the help of a monopod the Elmarit 90 mounted on the MKII did it. Thanks for stopping by.
  22. as the weather was very nasty last weekend with non-stop rain and cold temperature at 6 ° Celsius I wanted to discover something for the MKII and its mounted Elmarit 90. Here is the first one of a series of our garden flowers Thanks for viewing!
  23. Since we have a lot of rain these days I used a break between two rainshowers in the evening and tried out a new tripod and Elmarit 90 mm & 180 mm on MKII. I hope somebody will come along into our garden and have a look. Many thanks in advance. [ATTACH]323020[/ATTACH] with 180 mm [ATTACH]323021[/ATTACH] with 90 mm [ATTACH]323022[/ATTACH] with 90 mm + extension tube
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