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Anyone have line of sight on where to get the Case S


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I am trying to think through same dynamics.  Have the privilege/luxury of 4-5 major trips this year.  I am debating balance of S gear and M kit.  If I go w hard case then it would be for protection when traveling by air and car/camper.  I would then still need one or two bags on the day depending on use case.  I typically try to avoid checking anything but that might be what has to change.  I would carry on the camera gear.  The trips this year include:

  • Spain and Portugal.  Cities and South coast mostly by car
  • French Alps doing a cycling race 
  • Two weeks in Iceland w camper van
  • New Zealand and SE Asia trip Mix of camper, city, car
  • Peru.  Car and trekking.

Pelican w Trek Pak hard case to get gear there w max versatility?

As I think through it more the S case while really cool limits flexibility wrt my gear/needs.

I have Wotancraft backpack but maybe an F-Stop option as well.

If I have to check a large duffel anyway, I can bring other backpacks as needed.

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On 1/20/2024 at 6:51 PM, davidmknoble said:

The 24 fits in the 120 slot? But without the lens hood which fits perfectly in the dual charger slot. Not with my case so not positive which slot the naked 24 fits in but it fits. 

Doubt that, one is 72mm filter and the other is 95mm......


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13 hours ago, John McMaster said:

Doubt that, one is 72mm filter and the other is 95mm......


Yes, but the 120 is meant to fit with the lens hood.  I’m home now I’ll check.  I’ve put the 24mm in the case ex-sun hood.  I’ll take a shot and put it here.

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I used one case to transport what would fit in it from NZ to France unaccompanied air freight!  If I am carrying the full kit then yes, I can 'only' fit 6 lenses in my soft case, but that is not too often.  The second case came free when I bought my pre-owned S(007).


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I travel a lot between specific areas - about 3-4 hours apart in a packed Toyota 4Runner, and in part it protects the system and allows stacking on top of it.  I don’t often change lenses either when at the coast because it is a dust magnet (I do use the eye lead sensor cleaner and it works really well, in 8 years never damaged a sensor - https://leicastoremiami.com/products/eyelead-sensor-cleaning-stick-kit-for-leica?variant=34243200123011 good example, but you can buy it at amazon and many other places).

I have traveled on planes to Iceland with F/Stop packs and the S-System, but only carry on.  I have also used the Pelican cases carryon, but only with the SL and M systems.  

It is not efficient use of space, the but S case does a great job of protecting the mirror based system.  If it were mirrorless, I would likely use a different case.  For me in the US, the time to send off an S body to Germany to get CLA’d just takes too long, so I prefer the better protection.  The case is solid and there are plenty that have checked it with the S system and had no issues.

If you can only get one case because of storage and need it for multiple systems, then the Pelican is very adjustable, but I would not check the S system in one because of the mirror and alignment of the mirror, just MHO.

I also find hard cases easier to secure both closed, and to furniture if needed.  The sealing is great in terms of keeping out dust, moisture etc and I can carry batteries, chargers, cloths, etc in the same case. 

If going far from the car, I either use the f/stop pack to carry various things, or I carry the camera with one lens and tripod with no case.  The camera is so well sealed from weather, that isn’t a worry.

Slightly off topic, but I have also used the hard case for M system only, which is much smaller - https://www.adorama.com/hprclm2460bk.html?gad_source=1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI9-Xg_7rzgwMV5hCtBh0pcA6TEAQYBCABEgIXfvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds&utm_source=inc-google-shop-p

It is not perfectly suited to all lens combinations, but I can fit the tri-Elmar and 75 APO on the camera body in the case, and shorter lenses in the lens slots.  So, I have used this as a carry on to an airplane, sometimes in a duffle with other things, but it may require a bag on-site.

S-case has a place, but probably not practicle for every travel situation.  

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On 1/15/2024 at 10:48 AM, amamoy2 said:

Looking all over for one of the Leica Hard Cases for S system.

No luck anywhere new or used.

Thanks in advance.



I was just on the MPB use site and there is a used S case for sale on there. It might be what you are looking for.

Full disclosure I have no connection with MPB and was just browsing the Leica section.



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