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  1. My photography journey began in the early 50s with a Brownie Hawkeye and has included most camera types. My current cameras are Nikon Df, D850, D5, and Z6. With the Leica M8.2 I began to explore the digital Ms and now have the original Monochrom, M240, and M246. All get used and I would argue that each is "best" at some aspect of my photography. My definition of “best” includes most enjoyable. The challenge with any camera is finding a subject worth capturing and then capturing that subject to best advantage. My Leicas have the added challenge of being primarily manual in operation. They bring to mind those great early days when none of my cameras had any form of automation. So there is more effort on my part to get a properly exposed and in-focused shot. Yes, I can turn off automated features in my other bodies, so they perform in a similar fashion, but manual focus on an auto-focus lens and aperture control on a lens that lacks an aperture ring is not the most effective or enjoyable use of that equipment. I can manually shift the automatic transmission in my truck, but it is not nearly as fun as with a stick shift. I work harder shooting with my Leica cameras and get more enjoyment and satisfaction from the results than from my other cameras. Sort of like the point President John F. Kennedy was making in his famous moon speech “We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills …..”
  2. My M9 Monochrom had its sensor replaced with the revised version in July 2016. So a 2017 replacement should be good to go.
  3. Agree. Recently I have become more adventuresome with my Leica Ms. Normally I shoot events with autofocus cameras since the groupings/gestures/expressions I am trying to capture are so fleeting. For the last several I've used my Ms and a 28 or 50 Summicron stopped down to f5.6. No problems with sharp images even with my "quick and dirty" manual focus.
  4. Just tried it on my PC. Opening a Monochrom DNG produces "Unknown Error". Opening via Lightroom works fine since Lightroom outputs the file as a tif. So DeNoise appears to be incompatible with the Monochrom DNG files. It will open DNGs from my M240. I believe the files from the Monochrom are a Linear DNG which is a slightly different format from color Raw DNGs.
  5. I have the SF-24D and it works well on my m240, but I rarely use direct flash. I have tried many different methods to bounce the output from the 24D with varying success. None totally satisfactory. If you are happy with the results from direct flash, I think the 24D is a good choice. It is a rebadged Metz flash and has the auto-thyrister mode the rebadged Nissin models lack. Auto-thyrister will produce a correct flash exposure when Leica TTL fails to do so. When I use my SF-58 I will add the Leica grip to improve handling. I also have the SF-40 (Nissin) flash and I can predict when TTL won't work and shift to manual as necessary.
  6. Thanks for all the kind words. Even though the location is a working trucking company the old trucks were clearly a collection. It is not a salvage yard - the trucks were generally complete and many were from distant states. It is a popular spot for photographers. It was my first time there, but the fifth for the guy I was with. The truck brands that were represented there were familiar save one - a Brockway. Had to look it up after I got home. They have tractors too.
  7. I've only experienced it with two subjects. Both were "mature" male individuals that had many small veins close to the skin. My Leicas would exaggerate that effect and create a ruddy complexion effect in the image that was not noticeable to an observer.
  8. My solution has been custom Lightroom DNG profiles using the DNG Profile editor. But the problem I was addressing across my Leica models was the ruddy skin tones, which as jaapv suggests, result from Leica's IR sensitivity.
  9. I probably don't qualify as a visionary, but I find it is the lack of confidence in my ability rather than the camera that is the limiting factor. As I push my envelope with the Ms they consistently demonstrate they are up to the task.
  10. Taken with M9M and Voightlander Color Skopar 35mm f2.5 or M246 and Summicron-M 28mm/Elmarit-M 21mm https://lukemiller.photos/galleries/p-l-duncan-trucking/ Trucking Company in Columbia, Virginia that has acres of old trucks.
  11. For me there is no "one size fits all" solution. When I started in photography B&W (film) was the only affordable choice. So I shot everything in B&W. When color film (and processing) became affordable I began shooting everything in color. Now with digital I can choose either, or both. I go through a conscious decision process which generally boils down to "does color add or subtract from what I am trying to capture in this image?" For events generally I find color is important since it is the way the participants experienced it. For portraiture, both formal and candid, I often prefer B&W since one tends to be immediately drawn to the subject's eyes (where I focused). Also for landscapes and architectural shots where fine details and subtle tones are most important I prefer B&W. I am no longer satisfied with B&W conversion from color images having experienced the Monochroms. This often requires me to take two bodies with me 🙂
  12. Sean Reid on his subscription site did a review of the 35 mm Summicron ASP on the M240, M10-R, and M10 Monochrom. In the side-by-side resolution tests the M10-M out resolved the other two at all apertures.
  13. Still shooting with the M240/M246 so no experience with the M10-R. That said, I find that the additional resolution makes it attractive. My passion is event photography and normally I shoot it with the Nikon D850 and either a 24-70mm or 70-200mm lens. The D850's 45 mpx allows me to crop to get the tight framing I like when 200mm is not long enough. I have M glass that covers the 21mm to 90mm range. With 24 mpx that is very limiting for my event work. A higher resolution M would be much more useful to me. Another factor is high ISO noise performance. With my D850 I find that in low light and high ISO settings I can duplicate the ISO performance of my D5 by resizing the D850 images to the 20 mpx size of the D5. So my next M with be the model with the highest resolution available.
  14. I believe the Nik Collection expects an RGB file. Make sure the M10M files are not set to grayscale.
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