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Interested in Q2 - RAW files: Q2 vs Sony

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I have a question to all those who use the Q2 alongside with their Sony camera:

How far can you go with those Q2 RAW files?
[Taking the photos shakefree, deliberately underexpose the photos, increasing the exposure in post-processing etc. just to get the shot.]

I would like to read your input in that regard.

I own the Sony RX100V (RX100 MK5) & A7RIII (A7R MK3) with a bunch of Sony GM (85mm f/1.4), Sony Zeiss (35mm f/2.8 & 55mm f/1.8), Zeiss (Batis 85mm, Loxia 25mm, Loxia 50mm, Loxia 85mm) and adapted Contax Zeiss (28mm f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4, 50mm f/1.7, 85mm f/2.8, 135mm f/2.8) lenses.

Currently I love using the Zeiss Loxia lenses and so far I like the Q2's lens rendering. I would like to replace most of those lenses and the RX100V, keep the Loxia & 85mm GM lenses and purchase the Q2.
The intention is to simplify my gear and at least have only a few autofocus lenses in my repertoire.
The 85mm GM can't go because of portrait photography where autofocus is critical (Sony Eye-AF huray!). For fun projects I like using the Loxia 85mm (that glas is ridiculous sharp and contrasty!).
The Q2's purpose is for covering the the focal length 28mm[, 35mm and 50mm] with its autofocus lens.

I often see myself using my Sony cameras (I had the A6000 & A7II [A7 MK2] before) on my travels in low light situations (www.instagram.com/ryan.lam.888) and I don't carry a full sized tripod with me.
Sometimes I have a tabletop tripod and a clamp with me traveling to the destination just in case I need them. However after one or two outings I am able to evaluate whether or not I need them. Oftentimes many locations don't allow you to deploy a tripod on-location (Hello London & Italy! xD ).
It is amazing how much I can get out of those Sony RAW files without much noise and banding issues.

Can anyone provide RAW files from a Q2 and a Sony camera both shot at the same location with the same low light condition?

Thank you!

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