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  1. This photo got so much character. Well done!
  2. I love this scene that you captured here! The human connection and relationship depicted here hit the feels.
  3. I love the second shot. This is going to be one of those great childhood photos when your kiddo has grown up and looking back at all those photos.
  4. The local café's counter an old either tea or chemist/pharmacist shelf and the exterior. Leica M6 Classic, CV Nokton 50mm f/1.2, Ilford HP5+.
  5. In Hanover, Germany. The café's website. They have a lot of colour photos on there: https://teestuebchen-hannover.de/ I wish I had colour film loaded in my M camera. The black and white photo doesn't do any justice. All those interior decor was saved from different companies and buildings in the city. The architect used those decor for the café and still today it is part of the city's architectural history. You can read that up in the "Historie" section on their website.
  6. Local café and its tearoom with salvaged 1800s decor. Leica M6 Classic, CV Nokton 50mm f/1.2, Ilford HP5. @ f/1.2, 1/15s.
  7. Yeah, that Plustek scanner is a good one. I used to use SilverFast with it. Nowadays I switched to VueScan, because it is faster. After that I have a DNG file that I post-process in Capture One Pro. Fun fact: The photos you post with all those colours and tones, many photographers do that on purpose and call it either colour grading or they have presets to achieve those styles. 😁
  8. I think he just pick your photo and did a re-run in Lightroom, Capture One, Photoshop, Affinity Photo etc. to do the colour correction. E.g. I do that a lot in Capture One and it is really easy to do that. May I ask what is your film scanning process setup? A dedicated film scanner, flatbed scanner or "DSLR" scan setup?
  9. The MP is still operational without the battery or when the electrical components of the light meter fails. So the MP wasn't an option for you?
  10. It is probably coming down on the questions: - aesthetics - film loading system - framelines & viewfinder magnification on the M6
  11. We never can have enough of film M cameras. We probably have the same issues like mechanical watch collectors.
  12. I am so into in a black chrome MP. Unfortunately Leica doesn't offer them.
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