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    This is a new Summicron-M 1 : 2 / 28 mm for sale

    2,500.00 EUR

  2. I could buy a new R4 in an unopened box. But the serial number is 157.... and I've read that they have electronic issues with the shutter below serial number 160.... So, what should i do? Take the risk, or wait for a newer one?
  3. After couple of decades playing with Nikon, I decided to move to a lightweight system. Selling all my Nikon gear makes it possible to get a used Leica M camera with a used lens. Hello to all of you! I am looking forward to learning a lot here. And I am saying "Thank you" in advance!
  4. From the album: Street

    This is a series along a street very close to uptown Charlotte, NC. I was amazed at the old buildings still there with all the construction that is going on. It does not feel like it is close to uptown. Some were colorful, some just had great lighting and some had faded signs giving an indication of the past. Leica MD 262 with Summilux-M 28.

    © ©2018 David Knoble, All Rights Reserved

  5. Greetings, everyone. I've just joined this forum and I'm looking forward to using it. I'm new to Leica, having in the past used primarily Nikon and Minolta (long time ago). I'm retired and a widower - my wife died almost two years ago from ALS, and since I no longer had the caregiving duties, I've rejoined serious photography in a big way. I live in Atlanta, GA, USA. Jim Handsfield jhandsfield@att.net
  6. Hi everyone, this is my first post after reading in this forum for quite a while. I am a 40year old male from Hamburg Germany who is still quite new to the Leica world: I am actually very thankful to a lot of users in here, whose comments, knowledge and wisdom attracted me to the Leica world in the first place. I bought a Leica Q in January 2016 and caught the bug immediately. Now, for my 40th birthday, I felt I could be so self-indulgent to buy my first "M", a used 240. What has happened since is that I have spent quite a while scanning these forums, retailers’ websites, eBay and the like to find out about the right gear to really start my journey. I was lucky to get my hands on a used Summicron 35 (from 1961) in great state, a Summilux 50 ASPH and a APO Summicron 90 – each of them in great state at quite bargain deals – although I am obviously close to bankruptcy now nevertheless, not being particularly wealthy and doing a rather ordinary day job as an educator. It is not that I do not use this new gear. I LOVE using it and it still gives me goosebumps some time for pure joy to touch the objects, make photos (mostly of my two kids aged 3 and 5), try them out. However, I also realize that somehow, I cannot stop looking around for other lenses, vintage ones, bargain ones, newer ones (I feel I still lack something on the wide-angle side, which could be filled by the Q, which however I have hardly touched since owning the M). To be honest, I spend ridiculous amounts of time searching the web for additional gear – which I could use for actually USING the ones I have (or playing with my kids, or doing other stuff for that matter...) So, my question is this: does this sound familiar to some? What has helped others to move from the anxiety of acquisition and shopping around to committing to what is there and using it? I am also looking for inspiration outside photographing my kids, but with time constraints between an intense job and family life, I always feel I do not have enough time on my hand to go out and shoot on my own in a relaxed way (whereas I do my googling and reading mostly on commutes or late evenings...). Nevertheless, I feel there must be a way to focus more on using the camera in a systematic way, that builds further knowledge – and I'd be happy for any advice or inspiration. Sorry for the long text – looking forward to your feedback!
  7. Hi. I am a novice with some sketchy experience gained back in the 1980's at college. I have been using a Pentax K-x (D-SLR) for the last few years, at infrequent intervals. More recently I decided to get into photography a bit more and a "good" compact was priority for ease of carrying around. Also to encourage me to learn about "real" photography and the necessary skills... so after much research I opted for an early Xmas prezzy to myself; a lovely D-Lux 109. The Leica will be used for pleasure and I intend to keep it handy as much as possible.... it's due for delivery next week!!! In the mean time I'll be trawling though this forum for more tips & advice. Ta, Mark
  8. My name is Dirk-Jan Kraan and living in The Netherlands. After shooting with Canon equipment for several years I moved to Leica in 2014. First, quite a big step, but no regrets. I use the Leica M240 with mainly Zeiss ZM glass. Thank you and have a good day, Dirk-Jan Kraan
  9. Hi everyone! Would like help to choose the best Leica camera for Pet Photography. I will be shooting mostly dogs and rabbits. I am a complete beginner at photography, though I aspire to shoot at a semi-pro level. My budget is not more than a Leica T, so M and S systems are out of the question. My friend recommended a Leica T with a Summicron-T 23m F/2 ASPH. Any suggestions or comments? Thanks!
  10. I finally joined the forum so I can view the attached pictures you all have been posting, be it gear or photographs! What great pictures, thank you! Definitely worth signing up just for that. On to myself, my name is Patrick and I live near Washington, DC. I got bit by the rangefinder bug about a year ago, and I finally hit the Leica stage. I picked up a Leica M2 and had a CLA done by Youxin Ye. I never knew split images could be so bright! Before, I had a Canonet 28, Yashica MG-1, and a Zorki 4 with a Jupiter 8. I am really loving shooting film, especially black and white. I feel as if I am becoming one with the camera! I have started developing on my own rolls and it's satisfying and relieving! I find it relieving because I can get my black and white rolls developed anytime I want in my own house! If you want to take a look at my work, check out my tumblr and my personal blog. I am excited to share my Leica experience with everyone. I am equally excited to absorb the wealth of knowledge and experience contained here!
  11. Hey I am Matt and I am new, but not shiny-new as I have been a member for sometime, just browsing, etc... I am from Torquay, in Devon, and it would be nice to meet other Leica users in Devon I shoot street and some events for work I like travelling, walking, theme parks and, of course, photography -- Matt
  12. I am relatively new to the entire film world and was just godfathered a Leica M6 with three M lenses. What film is the best for Leica's and I am mostly interested in night shooting. Any advice would be helpful
  13. Hi all, a couple of days ago a bought a new (?) M9 in London Leica Mayfair Store. after taking some pictures and transferring them to mac, I noticed that files counting started not with L1000001, L1000002 as they should... but from L9993500, L9993501... (Manual is saying that the last 4 figures in file name show number of shots taken). Am i right to make a conclusion that there were already 3500 shots made on the camera before me? Thank you all Sorry if the question appears stupid for experienced Leica users... Evgeny
  14. I've been searching on the web, which are differences between lux and cron, here's my conclusion. Please correct if you see any errors. 35mm summicron pros Smaller than lux, compact Distortion, max.-0.8% 39mm filters, and those can fit inside the hood? "Cheaper" 35mm summicron cons Is there any? Slower than lux 35mm summilux (2010-) pros f/1.4 Slightly better MTF at f/5.6 3D like, when shooting close distances? Better contrast? Better saturation? Overall better "character" ? 35mm summilux (2010-) cons Bigger than cron, heavier Distortion, max. -1.5% Slightly worse falloff at all apertures Most 46mm filters won't fit under the hood Expensive Slight focus problem on middle-middle distances, central section will be slightly out of focus, when the rest of the frame is in focus 35mm lux & cron equals Sharpness, no real world difference Handling, don't see any noticeable difference, because the new lux hood won't block viewfinder anymore? Out of focus rendition (bokeh), equal when shooting at f/2.0 ?
  15. jimblob

    M6 Newbie!

    Hi all, Long time reader first time contributer..blah blah blah.... I have just purchased my first Leica...and M6 Classic with 50mm f2 summicron. Am hoping that this will improve my photography as I was becoming far to dependant on my Canon 20D's automation and the dreaded 'Auto' fuction! Can anoyone here give me some tips on how to progress. I have soo many ideas swimming around my head....My starting plan is to shoot b&w, colour film and colour slides to see which yiled the best results for me... When it comes to devleoping is it common to do this in a bag and scan into a computer? or shoudl i send of for slides or negatives and then scan? Will scanning make my moveto film/slides redundant? So many options...i am keen to hear what people think is the best approach to starting out with film...and maximising the quality of results when you have no darkroom and limited funds... Many thanks. Jim
  16. Hi, I'd like to hear some of your comments concerning an initial setup I will be buying in the next months, since there are experienced Leica users around here - and I am new. What I learned from my current setup, Nikon D2x, 12-24, 50, 55MF Macro, 70-200, SB800, is that 1. it is too much load for me, I want to travel lighter 2. it is too big, I want to travel smaller 3. I often focus manually with my 55 This, and only this, was the reason for me to look for alternatives. I learned about Leica, and here I am... I'd like to buy - M9 - Summilux 21mm - Summilux 50mm - Summicron 90mm - 3 filter for each lens - 2 additional batteries - Lowepro Inverse 100 bag This will result in about 3kg of weigth, which I think is very good..? I will keep my DSLR setup for the times I want to shoot macro, long tele or where Autofocus is needed. What do you think? Are the lenses good choices compared to their price, weight, performance? Is there a too wide gap from 21 to 50 mm? Am I missing something important? Thanks for any comments!
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