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5 hours ago, Stuart Richardson said:


All that said, if by any chance it is not a processing fault, then I would suspect that it was a loading issue. 

A loading issue at frames 6 to 7?

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I agree that processing is most likely, but I was thinking that if the film was not properly tensioned, it might slip a bit on the sprockets, or even one of the sprockets, which might cause it to bunch up or get stuck. I have had clients bring me cameras where something like this has happened (not the black spot, but the bunched up or mangled film).

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Posted (edited)
Am 3.7.2022 um 07:16 schrieb Dipal:

Here u go.

Here's a photo of the negative.

The one I'm referring to is on the right 



Looks like the film was ripped after frame #6 and threaded up again at frame #7, then put together afterwards.

The sprocket holes show definetly a rip. And the first 2 mm of frame 7 is fine.

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Looks like a lab error for sure, they even taped it back together....

They should have

1 told you about it, and

2 not charged you for the processing or scanning. 


If I were you, I would take my business elsewhere

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Hey folks, sorry for going missing.

Thank you for ALL your inputs and (kinda enlightenment :D) and it sure looks like a lab error. 

Unfortunately the lab that I gave it to outsources the processing to another one so they pretty much said that can't help it.


I can understand if they screwed up once but screwing up twice in two consecutive rolls is unforgivable and definitely something is wrong.

Fortunately these photos were's like too precious or something but definitely not going back there anytime soon.

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