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  1. HighlandLeica

    Open thread: Show us your portraits!

    In front of Orleans Cathedral, taken with Leica Q
  2. Taken with my Leica Q on a sunny autumnal walk
  3. HighlandLeica

    Contre-Jour (open thread)

    A recent visit to a local distillery with fellow Leica enthusiasts. Trying out the Noctilux here at f/1.2 on my M (240) - battling to focus. What a lens!
  4. HighlandLeica

    Contre-Jour (open thread)

    Lyme Regis Cobb, Dorset, UK
  5. HighlandLeica

    Contre-Jour (open thread)

    Great thread! This one was taken with M7, 35mm Cron, Portra 400
  6. Parkland overlooking the Dornoch Firth earlier today. Leica Q
  7. Woodland on the edge of open farmland, Scottish Highlands. Taken with Leica M (240), 35mm Cron.
  8. HighlandLeica

    Diptychs, Triptychs and Polytychs (Open Thread)

    Leica M, 35mm Cron - from a recent visit to a Scottish whisky distillery
  9. HighlandLeica

    Abstract (open to all, post yours)

  10. HighlandLeica

    Abstract (open to all, post yours)

  11. HighlandLeica

    How about a thread full of trees?

    Making the most of a very sunny and pleasant autumn day with the Leica M and 35mm Cron
  12. HighlandLeica

    Barnack's Monthly for October 2018 is: Ending in ~ment.

    Another image of the fermentation vats at a Scottish whisky distillery