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  1. This morning on East 24th Street at Park Avenue South. this used to be an insurance company's building but is now a very nice hotel with rooms even in the clock tower.
  2. This week Fuji has a display in Grand Central Terminal of 13,000 photos enlarged from Instax photos. Fuji had about a half dozen young temporary employees wandering the displays, offering free portraits using their new Instax camera and film. These photos should give you an idea of the scope of the display, though I've only shown two of the five rows of photos, and there were more set-up in an adjacent area.
  3. stuny


    Very nice.
  4. stuny

    I wish I knew the model ;)

    Very nice, but she seems to be missing a few critical parts.
  5. Adam - Thank you, but most of my work naps are during meetings. David, Jacques, Jacek & Tim - Thank you.
  6. Allan - The movie is quite weak, but seeing it via cable (no cost) to see Natalie was worth the cost. Around the same time we saw three different productions of Swan lake, including Mariinsky, all three of which were worthy and all three of which were different interpretations.
  7. stuny

    Just Perfick in Southwold

    Very nice.
  8. stuny

    Contrast in nature

    Very nice.
  9. stuny

    Gusts of Wind

    Very ice. I guess to know the answer to your question you'd also have to know whether anal retentive (or anal-retentive) IS hyphenated or not..
  10. stuny

    Waiting patiently

  11. stuny

    Pink dream

    Very nice.
  12. stuny

    Cyclamen on blue

  13. stuny

    The beach boy

    Yes sad, but also a lovely shot. I assume you'll show us some of the whimsical life guard stands before long.
  14. stuny

    My niece's niece with her omnipresent phone

    Andy, Charles & David - Thank you. Shawn - Thank you. I did send it to her mom, along with photos of her other three kids, all as good looking as McKenzie.