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Found 31 results

  1. Guten Tag, ich habe in der letzte Woche meine Leica M2, die ich vor einem Jahr generalüberholen lassen habe, mit in den Urlaub genommen. Mit dabei hatte ich außerdem ein Elmarit 28 und ein Summilux 50 zwischen denen ich auch fleißig gewechselt habe. Leider weißt mein entwickelter Film auf etwa 30% aller Bilder störende Artefakte auf. Auf dem Foto folgenden Foto könnt ihr drei zusammenhängende Bilder sehen. Meine Frage jetzt: Woher kommt der Lichteinfall auf dem Film? Kommt ehr vermutlich von dem wechseln der Objektive oder ehr von einer Undichtigkeit auf der Rückseite der Kamera?
  2. We've all heard of that college student who bought an M2 for 5$ in a thift shop. I've never got such a deal but I've managed to get Leica equipment for low prices in the past. Such as a very clean M2 that I got in an eBay auction for 600$CAD. The shutter speed had to be adjusted, and the vulcanite had to be replaced. Other than that, it is in excellent condition. I later got an M262, which I also bought on eBay, for about 3500$CAD. The sensor was filled with dust and oil spots, and the focusing mechanism had to be lubricated two days after I recieved it. (Those problems where not specified by the seller) It looked like new back then, but after about six months of use, I've got some paint removed on the corners and a cut in the faux leather. It has been faithfull ever since. Then, yesterday, I looked for a replacement for my 35mm ZM 2.8 on the internet and ended up looking for pre-ASPH summicrons. I then stumbled uppon a 35mm Summicron on keh.com for 1080$USD. No picture of the actual lens was shown and generic pictures of a Type 4 where shown instead. It was listed as "UG" (ugly). Giving this extremely low price and the 180 day warranty offered by keh, I jumped on it. (I'll keep you guys updated on this purchase.) What are the good deals you guys managed to get on Leica equipment?
  3. I completed my first year of back to film (stopped shooting film in 2003 when digital became convenient). I did shoot digital for past one year as well and it was fun to compare. I shot around 32 rolls of film (mostly 36 frames each) and almost 90% was in M2 (rest on Nikon FM2 and Konica T2). Many were experimental but I did use it for my summer roadtrip and to capture life as well. I got around 86 pictures that I like very much. That is 7% of total. Still small but I was experimenting a lot. Around the same time I shot more than 6000 digital pictures (with M240 and Nex6 evenly distributed). I got around 4% keepers from that. How much do you shoot in one year? (Note: Nobody pays me, I shoot for myself) All my film keepers
  4. Hello, I recently published my M2 user experience in my blog using Summaron35 f2. 8 and Summicron35 version 4.All were taken with Kodak Portra400. The M2 with these 2 lens are amazing. ( I got the good deal on Summicron35 during my trip in Munich, so I carried two 35mm lens😋. Hope you guys enjoy the picture and have fun shooting. I really love my M2 https://goo.gl/G5T1TR
  5. Dear All I wonder if anyone can give me some advice or help. We were burgled last week from north west London and all of my precious cameras have been taken. I don't have the reference numbers for the whole stash, but what was taken included an M2, son-1085967 with a 40mm/ f2 Summicron lens in a brown leather case an M8 body, fabrication number 3196666, VK number 10702 an M9 body body number 0384,with 35mm/ 2.8 summaron lens , son-2081257 There was also a 50mm/ f2 Summicron and a 90mm / f28 Elmarit as well as a Hasselblad 500C/M with an f/2.8 80mm and a f/3.5 100mm lens and my old Nikon FM2 with a 24 mm, a 35mm, a 50mm and an 80mm lens and a Canon 5D mk 2 body a Polaroid SX-70 an old battered Mamiya 645 in a metal case I'm devastated, not least by the M2/ 35mm which was the first Leica I bought, and which after a particularly terrible time working in DRC was the only thing that was evacuated with me. I wonder if anyone has been through the same devastating experience and can offer any advice? The police have done forensics/opened a case but is that all I can do? I’d be hugely thankful for any help/ lead in this All best Miriam
  6. Hi, I've had an M2 for a while now and the illumination window is now cracked and loose. Where could I buy a replacement? I can't find any used/new parts on ebay. Any source where I could get a new one? Thanks, Tommy Plouffe
  7. Pawel Rusek

    Pure Sixties

    ​Vintage Summilux v2 1.4 PreAspherical 50mm, Leica M2, Tri-X 400, Monobath Developer
  8. aus "objektiv" 1965, Nr. 49
  9. Hi, I have found something on my M2 I ordered a couple months ago off ebay to have something very interesting. The camera that I have is an M2 serial number 993880, but in my viewfinder I see 28,35,50,75,and 135mm frame lines which I know is not normal. It looks almost exactly like an M4. My thinking was that someone must have had the RF repaired with a newer M series framelines, but the black seal is still intact (although it could be fake now). If anyone has any information about what i now own i would be very grateful as I am super confused to be owning a camera that shouldn't exist haha. I attached pictures of what the VF looks like. Thanks!! Adam
  10. Kennt jemand dieses Schnelladesystem, was ich bei meiner M2 vorgefunden habe? Man kann die Patrone herausnehmen, muß es aber nicht, man kann sie von oben laden. Vielen Dank
  11. Sorry, beim ersten Mal hatte ich die Bilder in zwei Beiträgen hochgeladen … Sharif
  12. Dear Leica lovers! A while ago I bought my first Leica, an M2. And I've been shooting some test rolls on the street. I've connected a Vivitar 283 flash to it (keeping it in my hand, connected with a cord), mostly shooting t-max 400 on a shutter speed of 500 (quite fast?). Now I keep having some issues with the shutter speed and exposure of the flash on the photos... Maybe there's quite a simple answer to my question... Probably my shutter speed still is too slow or too fast, or could it be my lens (Carl Zeis Biogon M, 28mm)? But I would love to learn from people with more expertise than I have at this moment. What can I do to get my flash properly exposed on my photo's? I've attached an example! Thank you in advance!
  13. Dear Camera Forum members, I have just bought my very first Leica (M2), which is for me quite a special moment. Now I also bought a Vivitar 283, which I don't tend to put on the hot-shoe (I know it's a cold-shoe anyways) but I want to connect it with a sync lead, so I can keep it in my hand while shooting. Can someone please inform me with their expertise on what sync cord will directly work, or do I need a flash adapter? I've found this cord, and was wondering if it might connect directly: http://www.ebay.nl/itm/261495971468?ul_noapp=true Hope to get some more clarification on this subject. Thank you, Justin
  14. aasten


    From the album: My shots

  15. aasten


    From the album: My shots

    Portobello Market London
  16. aasten


    From the album: My shots

  17. aasten


    From the album: My shots

  18. From the album: My shots

  19. From the album: My shots

    Mortlake station SW London
  20. Hallo, habe mich an die Demontage einer M2 gewagt, die mir billig zugeflogen war, weil das Vulkanit abging, sie eine fette Sturtzbeule an der Deckkappe hat und der 2.? Vorhang ab 1/30 nicht mehr komplett öffnet. Die Demontage ging erstaunlich gut mit den diversen Anleitungen aus dem Netz und billigem Spezialwerkzeug aus China... Nun hänge ich an der Frage wie ich das verharzte Fett am besten löse und welches neue Öl ich verwenden sollte. Hat da jemand einen Tip? Danke Stefan
  21. …on the Thames at twilight. M2, 35mm Summicron, Neopan 400
  22. Alles nur geklaut … by Herr Sharif, auf Flickr von Timm Rautert: http://www.skd.museum/de/sonderausstellungen/timm-rautert/ Sharif
  23. Leica M2 | Zeiss C-Biogon 2.8/35 | Agfa APX 100@100 | 10 Minuten in Rodinal Ich habe noch nie Zeit, Blende und Entwicklung so gut getroffen. Jetzt meckert mal. Sharif
  24. I've no idea what these guys were asking or trying to sell but they kept trying to stop young ladies without much success it has to be said! Vienna, M2, 5cm Summar.
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