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Fred's new shirt


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You couldn't have done it better! What a lot of action, especially with his sister looking like that. Good you had a) your camera at hand and B) dared to use it.




ps: now everybody is thinking "good he didn't get new pants"... but then again, he would have had a chance to pull them UP :p. Here in Holland you see same same and I think it looks daft. But hey, I walked in dark red ultra tight rib cords with blue boots under it and a flowery jacket when I was his age. :D

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Martin, Stuart, James, Bo, Ruben and Marco,


Quite rightly, this came out as a lucky punch. Didn't expect anything from it at first.


I was even quite uncertain whether you would think I'd gone a bit balmy posting it...:D


Even more so I do appreciate your feedback...! Thanks.


Marco, about the pants - they look completely absurd, but I also remember something weird about an OshKosh and having my hair dyed with henna at the age of 17...:rolleyes:


All the best



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Lovely shot of the kids. Nice candid moment, great light and tones, very hip, very now. Will not be out of place in a cutting edge fashion magazine. Would have made a nice series too if you kept snapping away :-)


On another subject, are you happy with the D-Lux 4? I just ordered mine. My D-Lux 3 made me very prolific (I still use it more than the M8) but I couldn't resist the f2.0 summicron on the D-Lux 4. I hope I don't regret this impulse buy.

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Eman, you're too kind...:)


Thank you very much !


I'm sure you'll never regret adding the D-Lux 4 to your collection.


I came from the C-Lux 1, so obviously it was a giant leap. Nevertheless the DL4 is simply a gem IMHO...


All the best




P.S. All this talk about purchase - I just couldn't help myself editing this post with the "newscast" that I just brought a very nice version of the M6 home with me today equipped with a Summilux 50 !! I'm so excited to get seriosly into film as well...

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