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  1. Anyone know if the histogram shows raw or jpg?
  2. Ordered mine when it was announced and got it last week from Tamarkin Camera in Chicago.
  3. Thanks Stu! All is well. Hi to Barbara. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Very nice. Strong eye = compelling moment.
  5. I could care less about the gear or chosen subject. Don't think this image has much impact. There's no moment. The viewer is outside of the frame...in the distance. Maybe waiting for the passers by to get close, exchanging gestures...would be better. Needs a moment.
  6. Kurt, I think they started replacing in late jan...I sent mine in then and was told April 6...Leica NJ
  7. vdb

    Rural Indiana

    Been a while since I've visited here...one from my recent zine "Corn Dogs, Candy Apples and Funnel Cakes"
  8. Nice. To me it's about the moment first, composition second. The first is the best moment. Would've been better if the foreground guy was looking at her...maybe.
  9. vdb


    Oh yes...so nice!
  10. Sent mine last week Leica NJ...est time April 6th Hmmm...maybe time to buy the Q while I wait...
  11. Have inquired to Leica NJ about this...no official response yet. Anyone here have their MM replaced with new sensor?
  12. There are 3 absolutes in life on earth: taxes, death and dust.
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