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  1. earleygallery

    which film M for pro-use?

    As for style of wedding photography, it's personal, much the same as the type of wedding people choose to have - some want formal/traditional, some want the complete opposite. There is demand and a place for both. I don't think the "my style is better than your style" arguments here are necessary.
  2. earleygallery

    Servicing R cameras: the end of the story for R8 and R9

    Why so defensive? I was just pointing out that not all mechanical cameras are fully serviceable or repairable, and the thread is about repairing R cameras.
  3. earleygallery

    which film M for pro-use?

    Nope, just the idea that a new camera is likely going to be more reliable than an old one. I know that's not always the case, but on balance it should be.
  4. earleygallery

    which film M for pro-use?

    I know there's been reports of faulty out of the box M's on here before but if I was relying on the cameras for my living and reputation, I'd choose new over a vintage M any day. Just as if I was going to be a taxi driver I'd buy a new car not a 1970's Ford Cortina. YMMV.
  5. earleygallery

    which film M for pro-use?

    If I were looking to use film M's for regular paid work I'd invest in a pair of MA's. New, so a more accurate set of shutter speeds and less chance of mechanical problems or light leaks due to failed seals etc., plus the warranty/service support that is still available for them. Why the MA? Fully mechanical so always repairable, and you shouldn't need an in camera light meter. Hot shoe for triggering flash, if using that.
  6. earleygallery

    Servicing R cameras: the end of the story for R8 and R9

    I think you'll find that the shutter on the R6.2 is effectively a 'sealed unit' i.e. if it gives up, that will be the end of it's life (I'm assuming that replacement shutters aren't available now, but who knows!). The SL is different, being a mechanical cloth blind shutter like in a film M.
  7. earleygallery

    Leica M2, user experience

    M2 user here, as well as a lllf and R3. My first M was an M3, complete with dual range Summicron, which I had in the 80's. I just didn't get on with it at all and it was traded in for the R3. I decided to try another M and always liked the cleaner lines of the M2, and I wanted a 35mm lens for it. Perfect. It's just right.
  8. earleygallery

    Special Edition Leica Q ‘Khaki’

    Bit of a cheap 'special edition' - just a different colour body cover and strap, unlike the green painted bodies of the Safari models.
  9. earleygallery

    It's just not comfy

    Try a hand grip as suggested or what I like, the fabric finger loop - like this 'Sling' http://www.leicagoodies.com/
  10. earleygallery

    Congratulation for the new site

    Getting used to the new look. One thing - I would generally click on 'new topics' when visiting the forum to read latest stuff - I can't see this option on the new forum just 'unread' items, which I don't think is the same?
  11. earleygallery

    M3 - illumination window weirdness

    Actually I think it's the dreaded signs of balsm separation of the rangefinder prism - see here http://www.angelfire.com/biz/Leica/page10.html
  12. earleygallery

    M3 - illumination window weirdness

    Could it be desilvering of an internal mirror I wonder? We need a diagram of the M3 rangefinder assembly...
  13. earleygallery

    Leica MP and battery issues

    You could get it repaired?
  14. earleygallery

    Leica X1 BMW limited edition.

    Erm, that story is from 2011.......
  15. earleygallery

    Servicing R cameras: the end of the story for R8 and R9

    My original R3 developed a shutter fault. Leica didn't want to know and said it would not be repairable, even if I found a donor camera for spares. Basically they weren't interested. So I'm surprised they claim to be able to repair R3-R7 models. I guess whether or not any R can be repaired depend on parts (but independent repairers will use donor cameras) and more on the economics. I would have paid over the value of my R3 to keep it going if I could. I bought another (working) body instead for much less than the starting price of a basic CLA.