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Stay with SL2-S or get M11?


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4 hours ago, markforce said:

I only have 'my' photography as an enthusiast amateur, so 'work' as such is not in the equation, except that I have AF needs as well. 10 years of M only, I'd moved to the SL2 as my only camera two years ago. Similarly, I've felt that the magic was gone fairly quickly moving to that platform up to the decision to sell it off. Camera body and the Sigma 14-24 are gone, if anyone is interested in my remaining pristine 50mm and 90mm SL Summicrons, give me a shout. Next up: back to M, or over to, say, Nikon Z. Not that I would expect 'magic' in the latter, but at least a platform that's smaller/lighter/economically more reasonable, IQ holding its ground vs SL, and AF likely more convincing.

Sounds like you need another M system. With all the issues the M11 is having why not an M10R? As mentioned I am still using my MP240 and have no real desire to change. 24mp is plenty of resolution and the color rendering is, well, beautiful. 

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Maybe. Probably right. Hesitating. Used to have M9, added M246, then replaced/downsized to M10. Looking at my output, the answer is clear, and considering the fun I've had using the M, it is telling too.

(Anyone interested in the APO SL lenses? Can take offline, currently listed on a domestic auction site in Switzerland, may or may not post under Classifieds here).

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This is not an "impossible choice".

If you want autofocus and access to lenses that, while significantly larger, are several steps above M lenses, the SL system is the business.

If you really prioritise small lenses and have no need for specialist lenses (eg, macro, focal length > 135mm)  and can put up with central manual focus, then the M system is for you.

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