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Externsteine - The Autumn Rocks


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These rocks are an attraction because of their atmosphere. They are a relict of the ice age and people come here for enjoying, meditation etc.

The light situation is most difficult because the light always comes from the "wrong" side. so one can try to capture a backlight situation. Here it is the last light of the sinking sun beore it settles down behind a hill. 

Sky and water are always too bright, so I used 2 ND grad filters plus a polarizer  and 6 shots for the panorama.

It is an 16 MB file and I am afraid this compression does not at all

show the fine IQ of the Q


Leica Q








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A 16 MB file? What size file would celebrate the Q? I like the photograph, the geological explanation, and your diligence in the art. Please better explain the 16 MB story for Albert who needs more technical education.

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Superbly handled, Iduna. You brought difficult lighting under control by use of excellent technique.


Albert, I think what Iduna may have meant is that if you could see the original full size file rather than something compressed for web viewing, the image quality would knock your socks off. At least, that's my take.

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many thanks for your feedback.

Yes the files out of the Q are really big. It pays off looking at them on a fine monitor. I bought an Eizo, the small one. No colour corruption any more! One can see all those fine details and knowing this your focus on the main message will improve. I have my old monitor connected as well and each time I can see the difference and enjoy the full spectre of the Q sensor and the lens of course. Compression takes away all those details and makes it dull. That is the reason why some pictures cannot be shown.



many thanks for your support. You just found the right explanation, thank you!

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Thank you so much for posting this! I was only thinking about this place recently but couldn't recall the name.  


I went to Externsteine in Janurary1980 having read about this out-of-the-way natural wonder in a Germany Michelin guide. 


Took ages to get there by public transport. Freezing, snow, beautiful. Well worth the detour.

I'll try to find my old Kodachromes and post them here.









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I understand the compression explanation. Also, I've noticed that my iMac shows me the best.


Thanx everyone for helping me to make sense of the 16 MB comment. Beautiful photographic skills and result Iduna.

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