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  1. david strachan

    M10 M-D

    Funny.. 😜
  2. david strachan

    Caution - may upset some - Bull Fight

    Good picture. Well you went, and glad you did. We all know it's horrific...but you went and saw for yourself....well done. ...
  3. david strachan

    I like film...(open thread)

    Well thats just so evocative too. Lovely and interesting combining nature and architecture-shapes, colours, shadow. ...
  4. david strachan

    The view through older Glass

    Nice structure and colour Mikozia. ...
  5. david strachan

    Sticky lens release button

    That's right don't spray it around indiscriminately. Spray some into a receptacle, and apply with a toothpick, making sure it goes into the mechanism. ..
  6. david strachan

    Sticky lens release button

    I wouldn't use alcohol or water. To clean gummies in electronics use CO Contact Cleaner, made by CRC. A good product to have in every shed. ...
  7. Hi Ambro I just can't see how you'll focus the Nikon lens. You talk of ground glass viewing...can we see the back of the camera please....film would block the view. It might have gone woosh...over my head. Hope it works for you. Cheers ...
  8. david strachan

    Help getting started with an M

    Welcome Betso. I hope you enjoy the wonderful world of Leica. Your thinking is all good. Buy from Tamarkin...see if he'll throw in a spare battery and 3-6 months warranty. Forget the box. The Summarit is a great choice. Oh, you might want the electronic Visoflex later, and, and...Resist the temptation and let your head rule with what is needed. Enjoy..
  9. Thieves are usually opportunists. Doesn't matter what you have. Women's handbag, or leave your camera on the table. Safest option is a super market plastic bag, with a bunch of celery sticking out the top... . But that's not cool, or practical. Best option is always wear your camera. ...
  10. david strachan

    My very late Leica M10 Review

    Thank you for the excellent review. Nice to see a fair criticism, including other cameras as well...particularly not slagging the M240...i have M-P. Very balanced and covered averything i wanted to know. Lovely pictures; all of them. Thank you Indergaard.
  11. david strachan

    which sd card back-up solution in the field ?

    Hi Mike I've been looking at the Passport too. WD are a good brand. Thinking about the SSD version...might get more out of the battery not having to drive a hard-drive. My question though...is there anyway to check if all images have downloaded properly? ...
  12. david strachan

    Nightfall on Jungfrau

    Really nice, very graphic. ...
  13. david strachan

    Leica Elpro E52 close up lens

    Thanks Dunk. A good reference. Cheers dave s
  14. Hi Beck Not sure which Canon 50mm f1.4 you have but my ltm model has same throw as my Summicrom 50mm f2 ltm (collapsible)...that is 180°. I have other lenses though which have much more throw. It can be irritating, i agree. ...