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  1. Wow. Haven't been here for a while. Your clicking finger must be ten sizes larger than your other nine. Well done Stu!
  2. Could someone tell me why prices for a new Q2 on Ebay are not only higher than they are now they're higher than the proposed price increases announced by Leica? I mean caveat emptor and all that but seriously do people who are considering a Q2 pony up $6100 say for a camera they can get now -- from any authorized dealer -- for $4995 and later $5495 after April 1? It's not like there's no inventory to warrant it when the model first came out and prices for the few available were scalped if you wanted one. Or am I missing something here? Thx
  3. Thanks Stuart! Hope you are well in all this.
  4. peterb

    No soup for you!

    Life in the time of the coronavirus. Taken with my trusty DLUX.
  5. Life in the era of the coronavirus. Taken with my trusty DLUX.
  6. CNN? Netflix? Mute? Or, off altogether? Taken with the trusty DLUX
  7. A worm's eye view taken with the DLUX
  8. Ahhhhh...errands in the age of COVID-19 Caught with a virus-free DLUX
  9. Jankap, This really IS a pharmacy/drug store it was the pharmacy part was just off to the side. But for many years drug stores used to have soda fountains where they served sandwiches and specialty drinks like ice cream sodas and other delights. One of the most famous was Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia where a chemist named Pemberton came up with a drink that became Coca Cola.
  10. peterb

    Killing Time

    Mother and daughter killing time while waiting to board flight DL320 to Little Rock, Arkansas from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia. Taken with the DLux.
  11. 5:38 AM at Dulles Airport in Washington, DC. A lone traveler waits for the first flight of the day to get out of town before the coronavirus shows .up. Taken with the DLUX
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