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  1. English below ----------------------------------------------- Bunt sind schon die Wälder, gelb die Stoppelfelder ... Rote Blätter fallen, graue Nebel wallen, kühler weht der Wind. Ich möchte Euch alle hiermit einladen, Eure schönsten Herbstbilder einzustellen. Danke ------------------------------------------------- The forests are already colorful, yellow the stubblefields ... Red leaves fall, surge gray fog, cool wind blows. I’d like to invite all of you hereby set your beautiful autumn pictures. thanks
  2. Weather was all day very dull. As soon as a soft hopeful light appeared in the early evening I sneaked out, snatched my X1 in case I might find something motivating.
  3. when coming home from work I grab my stuff and look for the last daylight on our forest which can be reached within a few minutes walk. I wanted to have my first experinece with my new Summicron R 50 mm. It is from the mid sixties and I am quite surprised what a different it makes to my Elmarits. As always it is mounted on my Canon 5D MKII
  4. the first cold mornings when a slight night frost has settled is inviting for an inspection tour. Still there were many leaves on the beech trees in early november Enjoy the golden mornings - now scenery has changed into a grey, misty and monochrome character. There much work is lying in front of us. Canon 5D MKII and Elmarit 90mm and 60 mm [ATTACH]349379[/ATTACH] Elmarit R-90mm [ATTACH]349380[/ATTACH] Elmarit R-60mm macro
  5. It was a misty grey day, the right weather to see what impressions the regional big peat-bog would like to offer. It was drizzling all the time and everything as wrapped in plastic foil. It was hard to focus precisely because all the material went damp with breath. After every shot the front lens had to be wiped. All taken with the Elmarit R- 60 mm Macro mounted on Canon 5D MKII [ATTACH]349982[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]349983[/ATTACH]
  6. on one of those rainy days of the past weeks we went to a village where people have most attractive gardens in front of their houses. Since it was rainy I could not mount the camera on a tripod while strolling through the village. The Elmarit R 60 mm macro was mounted on the Canon 5DMKII protected by an umbrella. Altogether 400 ISO and an aperture of 4f and 160 shutterspeed, handheld. If somebody will be feeling of stopping by, I'll be glad.
  7. this bush was glowing in the last sunbeams of a low afternoon sun. Mounted on the Canon 5DMKII was the Elmarit 60 mm macro R-lens. Sinvce light was fading very quickly I had to concentrate and was absorbed to catch the light. enjoy and I'll be happy if somebody will have a look. [ATTACH]339971[/ATTACH] half of the bush was still being illuminated [ATTACH]339972[/ATTACH] only a few leaves were being illuminated [ATTACH]339973[/ATTACH] these were the last leaves being illuminated and then light was gone
  8. these days are blessed with a calm and mild sunny autumn weather and so I went to our local Botanical Garden to try out my new R-Elmarit 60 mm macro lens. Armed with a tripod, prereleased mirror and cable release as precaution against blurr for the Canon 5DMKII I will be eager to explore what the lens can show. [ATTACH]338227[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]338228[/ATTACH] even a beauty shows some features of decay very soon
  9. This was just a 30min walk around Mountain View, California with my M9 and the only one lense - 75/2.5. Filip Molcan — Autumn in Moutain View, California. Photos were...
  10. frieri

    Into the autumn

    M8 + Biogon 2.8/25 + ND filter & Capture One Only conversion, no retouching Freehand photos #1 [ATTACH]284622[/ATTACH] #2 [ATTACH]284623[/ATTACH] #3 [ATTACH]284625[/ATTACH] #4 [ATTACH]284624[/ATTACH]
  11. we have very calm days here with sunny weather and mild temperatures. No rain is tearing off the last leaves. So I could continue with my forest series and a few experiments with infrared. Enjoy the autumnal mood. Olympus EM5 with Summilux 15 mm Olympus EM5 with Summilux 15 mm Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 90 mm Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 90 mm Canon 5D MKII with elmarit R 90 mm
  12. still I am very busy processing all those hundreds of pictures from my Hong Kong trip but yet these autumn days are so demanding for roaming in the forest that I could not resist taking a few series. so here are a few from last weekend where we enjoyed all those almost summerly temperatures. This forest is being dominated by birches, needle trees wild berries, heath and and very few other trees. On sandy soil this is a very long and extended strip at the bottom of our small mountains where the ocean of the early earth history found its natural border. the first 3 are with Canon 5D MKII and Elmarit R 90 mm The other 2 are with Leica X1
  13. these are my first attempts with infrarerd photography. I bought 2 filters, so that can cover the range of my lenses. For my MKII I discovered that only Novoflex adapter is lightproof, so exercises with this camera will follow later on when we get another series of nice lighting. It seems that subjects can be found anywhere if light is contrasty enough. A different world of light and subject is waiting to be discovered and inviting for light adventures. Have a look. Here Olympus OMD EM5 with Summilux 15 mm
  14. Often I go to a location where there is agriculture, old orchards, farmhouses, in a word you find a lot of small things there and also a wide lanscape if clouds and sky are promising. This time it was the small things and this garden with early autumn colors. Olympus EM5 with Nocticron 42.5 mm
  15. we had a nice day with warm temperatures and yet light is lower now and autumn is very near and one can feel it sink in every day. Here are a few from our garden with Olympus EM 5 + Elmarit R 60 mm macro Enjoy!
  16. These rocks are an attraction because of their atmosphere. They are a relict of the ice age and people come here for enjoying, meditation etc. The light situation is most difficult because the light always comes from the "wrong" side. so one can try to capture a backlight situation. Here it is the last light of the sinking sun beore it settles down behind a hill. Sky and water are always too bright, so I used 2 ND grad filters plus a polarizer and 6 shots for the panorama. It is an 16 MB file and I am afraid this compression does not at all show the fine IQ of the Q Leica Q
  17. A few pics from a walk few days back. All with the delightful Leica X2.
  18. Summer is saying along good-bye now and some morbid fantasies are taking the powe of dominance slowly. Olympus EM5 MKII with Summilux 15 mm
  19. Landscape of my region in autumn 2018. This belongs to my first series with my "new" Leica R3 and Summicron 50 mm. Kodak 200 scanned with Epson 850 V Pro.
  20. This is a street: a suburban street. Shot from my front porch last November (2017). Leica M3 using Fuji Pro 400H film. The lens was a Canon 28mm Serenar f3.5 (ltm). Negative scanned, and processed with Aurora software first, then Adobe Photoshop.
  21. Having my M9 stuck in repair for a sensor replacement for 7 weeks and being told it would be at least another 6 weeks to get sorted, I decided on the spur of the moment that the only answer was to trade in my M7 and get a M240. The annoying thing is that the M9 went in for an unrelated problem and they said "whilst it is here we will replace the sensor for you". However I now have the M240 and took the first test shots with it today. The location was my back garden (not the most inspiring place in the world) and I was quite pleased with this one out of the very few I took. The lens was my Zeiss 50mm Sonnar f1.5. Gerry
  22. From the album: London 2016

    Wunderschön im Hyde Park

    © www.andrea-schneider.eu

  23. From the album: Leica X1/x2 shots

    © Vladimir Tomashevich

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