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  1. Fendi boutique in Miami Design District. T + 18-56
  2. Louis

    Sing for me!

    Much appreciated, Stuny.
  3. Louis

    Sing for me!

    Brent, thanks a lot; very kind of you.
  4. Louis


    Stuny, thank you very much.
  5. Louis

    My Kingdom for a Horse!

    McLaren P1 Spider!... I thought it was a "Real" Renault, but not so! 😧
  6. Louis

    Leica CL - the image thread

    You are absolutely right; my biiiig mistake!.... Believe it or not, I did study "Bill" in drama school; but it was looong time ago! I will correct it right away! LOL
  7. Louis

    Sing for me!

  8. Louis

    Sing for me!

  9. Louis

    Sing for me!

    Leica T + Vario Elmar-T, 1856
  10. Leica CL + Vario Elmar-T, 1856
  11. Louis

    Leica CL - the image thread

    Aston Martin will always remain one of my top favorites.
  12. Louis

    Leica CL - the image thread

    Beautiful beast! No wonder why Richard III said " My Kingdom for a Ferrari!". CL + 18-56