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Found 53 results

  1. What about having a separate image thread just for macro pictures? Hope this will be followed, we can share our macro takes but also our questions, doubts, experiences... ISO 200 f/2.8 1/1000 In this one two pics superposed. ISO 100 f/2.8 1/250
  2. Here is a macro image of my first camera purchased at the age of 13. I still have it in my collection. Thought it would be fun to have a topic just for Macro with the Q2.
  3. Hello, I am still evaluating if a SL is a good investment for my big collection of old R lenses. With the objects I photograph I use mainly the Macro and light Tele lenses: 60mm, 100mm, 135mm, 180mm I have almost not been using my all time favorite lens the 100mm/2.8 Apo Macro since 10 years (digital age) which I feel is a very big loss. The SL will be a fine investment if I can finally use this lens again for "daily work". So I am not interested to know how the latest AF equipment works (which I find too expensive and much too bulky for most work or for fun, probably because I prefer fixed length lenses). I am looking for people with experience (and maybe fun) to use the 90's R lenses (that not so long ago were regarded as top). I have invested much more into the R system than in M lenses, and I assume there must be many more people with the same problem. So I am looking for experiences with R-lenses with the SL, mainly for Macro use and for light Tele. If you can share your fotos even better. Imagine that you have a complete R collection, but little money to buy new equipment - so is the Leica SL worth the enormous price to reactivate the R system ? The 60, 100, 135 and 180 were the bread and butter lenses. Can they be that again with the Leica SL ? By the way, the Leica M 240 is definitely not worth the trouble (to put these R lenses in front of it) even if officially supported. Thanks for any responses.
  4. Hi guys, Could I ask for your experience for a moment? I'm thinking about an equipment acquisition (not an S3 unfortunately!) to help me solve a problem and do some better work. I've been getting a few jobs photographing small accessories recently -- pin badges / lapel badges, shiny little things like that -- and am finding the otherwise excellent APO MACRO SUMMARIT 120/2.5 often won't get me as close as I'd like. My customer was happy with my work, regardless, and more is coming down the pipeline. I can deliver what I need to do with the native 120 and cropping, or setting up different shots to begin with; but I'd really like to get 1:1, or past the 1:2 the S-120 stops at, for the smaller trinkets (what I'm really talking about is I'd like the perspective, the look, the close camera-subject distance would give me). A portion of the work is plain-vanilla product stills for catalog/online stores and the 120 and a longer working distance is fine for that, but I also got, and will get, creative work from them which is used for posters / ads: that's where I want to be getting up very close and making the more dramatic photographs of their product that I'd like to. Has anyone out there been in my shoes: tried the C645 system Zeiss 120 Makro and got a result; or tried it and found it wasn't the right solution? All stories welcome---even if you didn't use the Zeiss 120 for 1:1 stuff, how did you find it for what you did use it for? Cheers guys Tom Postscript: Just as a pre-emptive strike, I'd like to keep advice limited to the S-system (inc. S-to-Contax645 obviously). Using other formats and systems to solve my problem is of course an option---one I don't need to talk about here on the S-system forum. I really like the S-system for my work and my preference is to find an S-system based solution, I appreciate that that may be like trying to ice-skate uphill in some cases but I'd hope you can appreciate my freedom of choice to do so. Also! I know the Zeiss 120 is a manual focus only lens; I only focus manually on the S, so that works itself out OK
  5. Hi Id appreciate any advice regarding fitting these rings (2 parts plus spacer) from the Leicaflex era to a 280 f4. The extension tubes fit any of my lenses with the shiny cam 1 (single, twin or triple) eg my 50 summicron, 60 macro 100 AME but not my R cam 280, or rom 28-90. Realistically Im not needing to keep it original for my Leicaflex (and seldom shoot film these days) so is there an easy modification to allow compatibility? Thanks in advance, Brandon
  6. Hello, I just sold my Nikon gear and hopefully I will get my M10 next week. I also ordered the 50mm Summilux and for the lower range the 28mm Summilux. Since I am not familiar with the product range (yet), I am looking for something at the upper range. Yesterday I found a 90mm (Elmar ?) macro for which you need to purchase a macro adapter. Is this a good lens for macro shots since the adapter has a 1:2 magnifying factor or are there other, better lenses for that purpose on the market ? Thank you very much for your replies. Greetings, Jurgen

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    Voigtländer macro APO Lanthar 125mm f/2.5 SL Ai-s for sale. bought in 2014. rare used. Nikon F mount lens connected Novoflex F adapter M. lens and adapter in good condition. all original: lens Voigtländer APO Lanthar 125mm f/2.5 front metal cap rear plastic cap metal lens hood lens hood rubber cover papers box all original: Novoflex F adapter M papers box wonderful lens. legend picture. perfect for macro and portraits. manual aperture ring. for M, F, EF or mirrorless users. $3.000 welcome questions!


  8. Hi I've been procrastinating for a very long time over getting something to work with my M9P for macro work - specifically taking shots of antique/vintage fountain pens I've restored for sale or show. Technically I should be looking at a whole different camera (or digital Visoflex if I had a later M camera) but it would be great to get something working with the outfit I currently have. To start with I have a Visoflex III and I have my M9P and a few lenses that suffice to say don't work well for close up. I'd like to keep this simple and not break the back and I've figure out I'm probably looking at a v2 Elmar-V 65mm f3.5 which is a relatively 'meh' lens specifically built for the Visoflex and won't work directly on the M9 but apparently but does the job. The Macro Elmar-M 90mm f4 has far too many zeros in the price even for a used one and it is indeed a nice lens. Here is where I am: 1. Elmar-V 65/3.5 + 16464 universal focusing mount (OTZFO) + 16471 (OTPRO) ring extension 2. Tele-Elmar-M 135/4 + 16464 universal focusing mount (OTZFO) + 16471 (OTPRO) ring extension Option 1 gives me infinity to 330mm (13") or 330mm - 270mm focusing distance with EF= 2x or 3.4x (apparently) Option 2 gives me infinity to 980mm (38.5") or 980mm - 680mm focusing distance with EF = 1.4x or 2x (apparently) I'm going to say the despite the Tele-Elmar being a significantly more useful lens outside macro work and with a significantly better optical formula its probably going to be a pain to use for my application use case. I could look at getting the bellows adapter for the 135/4 but suspect this is just going to get a little unwieldy and out of hand. Thoughts/experiences?
  9. I know that there is the excellent APO-Macro-Elmarit-TL 60mm F2.8 ASPH available for the CL but for an occasional user of a macro lens the price tag in the region of £2000 is a bit of a stretch. I had the opportunity of trying the Laowa Super Macro which is available in various mounts and costs around £370. It is a 60mm f2.8 and due to an ingenious method of moving the internal components can achieve 2:1 magnification for macro without extension tubes or bellows and in normal use can focus to infinity on cameras using a cropped sensor like the CL. It is not made with a Leica mount but I borrowed a Pentax K version and used it with a PK-M adapter and the Leica M adapter L. The Laowa is a manual lens with no electronic connection to the camera but this is hardly a problem for a long term Leica user. At the 2:1 setting it focuses on subjects that are only 5cm from the front of the lens so lighting can present a problem if smaller apertures are desired. The lens seems pretty sharp and the reviews have been favourable. I have been sufficiently impressed to order one. 1:1 magnification 1:2 magnification
  10. I'd like to use an 1:1 adapter for the macro-elmarit-R 60mm lens. I see that the adapter originally made for the lens was Leica product code no. 14198 and was later replaced by a newer adapter, product code 14256. is there any real benefit of one versus the other? I assume that the sizes must be nearly the same. Thanks!
  11. paxtaru


    From the album: little Q

    Random snap of pen at work.
  12. As spring rolls around and hearts turns to flowers, I'm hoping to get back to macro with my Q. I have to admit that I've rarely used add-on flash (my Fuji x100 has built-in), so I'm blissfully unaware of the complications. I know that some enjoy this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1030212-REG/canon_9389b002_mr_14ex_ii_macro_ring.html?sts=pi But it's quite expensive and wondering if less expensive versions will work also, such as below. And, what exactly do I mean by "work"? Thanks so much. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1125848-REG/yongnuo_yn_14ex_c_ttl_led_macro_ring.html?
  13. Hi I am probably missing something I have Leica CL with M Adapter since I shoot mostly with my M lenses, I also had some additional adapter from Rollei QBM to M Recently I bought Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f/1.4 HFT Lens for Rollei QBM (made in West Germany) wonderful lens in itself, now when I mounted it on Leica CL everything works well, infinity and so on. But there is something strange instead for focusing at 0.45 meters it focuses may be at half of that distance or less, so to to some extend it bevies behaves like a macro/close focus lens Can someone please explain what is going on ? I definitely do not mind but I am just very curious Sample photo attached shot into the mirror Sincerely Eugene
  14. I received my CL a couple of days ago and one of the things I am quite excited about is being able to do some macro photography with it. To this end, I bought the M adapter L to use with some Novoflex macro tubes and my 90mm Macro Elmar. The pictures below are the result of a brief experiment to see how the setup works. I lit the subject with an SF40 flash mounted on a mini tripod and connected to the CL with a Nikon SC-17 flash lead. All images were taken at f5.6 First - Baseline shot taken with the 18-56mm lens... Now, 90mm Macro Elmar and the Novoflex LEMLEI + LEI-M - 10mm Extension
  15. uffehagen

    20180119 006

    From the album: My Q

  16. On an elderly US convertible that is used (oddly enough) as an eye-catcher in a public garden in Spain. M240, 60mm Macro Elmarit-R.
  17. And out of date! M240, 60mm Macro Elmarit-R.
  18. M240, 60mm Macro Elmarit-R.
  19. Cabeça da lingüiça


    From the album: Macro

    Leica Q 1/60 f2.8 iso 400

    © Glauco Meneghelli

  20. malbooth

    Wet Orchids

    From the album: Leica Q images

    © CC BY NC SA

  21. malbooth


    From the album: Leica Q images

    © CC BY NC SA

  22. malbooth

    Wet leaf

    From the album: Leica Q images

    © CC BY NC SA

  23. malbooth


    From the album: Leica Q images

  24. I am new to and interested in exploring Macro photography using M240 and M-Macro Ring or Oufro adapters. My questions are regarding DOF. How does the addition of a macro setup generally alter DOF, does extending the lens from the body diminish the normal DOF parameters for a given lens without a Macro ring, and would the DOF of a Wide angle vs. Tele lens be more or less affected by the macro setup? If anyone experienced can comment i'd appreciate hearing about it?
  25. I'm quite new to Leica. Finally saved enough money to buy my first Leica M262 this year. Loving it. Currently, I have the 50mm Summicron and the 28mm Elmarit. Loving both lenses. However there's one small thing that bothers me. I guess since i'm used to DSL's closing range focusing ability, i'm having difficult time adjusting taking photos of small items and items at close range. Since i'm an avid action figure collector and they are rather small, what lens do you guys suggest? 1) 90mm Macro Elmar (However the M262 doesn't have live view, does that matter?) 2) 90 or 75mm Summarit F2.4 (I'm not really taking photos of micro scale items , but rather 2" to 12" tall figures. I can always step back and get a nice detailed head shot, can't I?) thank you very much!
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