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Found 9 results

  1. steppenw0lf

    Classic Leica R lenses on SL

    Hello, I am still evaluating if a SL is a good investment for my big collection of old R lenses. With the objects I photograph I use mainly the Macro and light Tele lenses: 60mm, 100mm, 135mm, 180mm I have almost not been using my all time favorite lens the 100mm/2.8 Apo Macro since 10 years (digital age) which I feel is a very big loss. The SL will be a fine investment if I can finally use this lens again for "daily work". So I am not interested to know how the latest AF equipment works (which I find too expensive and much too bulky for most work or for fun, probably because I prefer fixed length lenses). I am looking for people with experience (and maybe fun) to use the 90's R lenses (that not so long ago were regarded as top). I have invested much more into the R system than in M lenses, and I assume there must be many more people with the same problem. So I am looking for experiences with R-lenses with the SL, mainly for Macro use and for light Tele. If you can share your fotos even better. Imagine that you have a complete R collection, but little money to buy new equipment - so is the Leica SL worth the enormous price to reactivate the R system ? The 60, 100, 135 and 180 were the bread and butter lenses. Can they be that again with the Leica SL ? By the way, the Leica M 240 is definitely not worth the trouble (to put these R lenses in front of it) even if officially supported. Thanks for any responses.
  2. Just because I had 135 Tele-Elmar lying around, I used it on my M2. For framing I guessed based on central patch (it seems patch is 1/3rd the size) by comparing the framing against M240. I am not sure whether it will work. The film is still in the camera. I shot some closeup shots (5ft) as well to test focusing accuracy. Maybe in couple of weeks I will know. Has anyone tried this. Does it work?
  3. adan

    England Expects...

    or - why there will always be a 135 in my M system
  4. Ideally, I would use my Leica M10 only with Leica or other M-mount lenses. However, given the advantages of high quality DSLR cameras for telephoto photography and optical stabilization (e.g., for whales and other sea and land wildlife, or for people or other relatively small subjects far away), I wonder how many of the photographers on this forum would use a DSLR and telephoto lens in addition to or instead of the Leica M10 with a 135mm or shorter lens? I have DSLR lenses (prime and zoom) that, in the telephoto range, go from 135mm up to 600mm. In turn, the faster of my lenses can take teleconverters up to double those focal lengths, and there is also a 1.5 apparent increase if using a half-frame sensor instead of full-frame. I have both the smaller Nikon D500 DX frame and a D800 FX frame. My current plan on vacation trips where a long focal length would be useful, will be to take (1) my Leica M10 with perhaps a 135mm lens in addition to one or more of my "normal" focal lengths (right now I have 35mm and 50mm and am considering a 75mm), plus (2) a Nikon camera body with a long lens. I rarely use a tripod. Thus, for lenses in the long range of focal lengths, image stabilization has been important to me. So . . . I will be very interested in what others do in regard to sticking with Leica M-mount lenses when they are photographing people, wildlife or other relatively small objects at long distances. And for those of you using a Leica M-mount 135mm lens, do you find any problem with its lacking image stabilization? I think I would buy a Visoflex 020 EVF for use with the 135 not only to see the image better than in the small frame-lined portion of the optical viewfinder, but also to hold the camera more still against my face rather than holding it away from me while looking at Live View.
  5. mbphotox

    My Leica R5 with some lenses

    Some time ago I started a blog (www.mbphotox.wordpress.com) about adapted 50mm lenses on my Canon DSLR. A Leica 50 was on my wishlist for half a year and when I finally went out to buy one, I came home with an Elmarit-R 135mm f/2.8 because the Cron had been picked up by another guy right before I arrived at the store. A few months later, I found a great offer online and bought an Elmarit-R 28mm and finally also the Summicron-R 50mm I had been looking for. Having three lenses, I figured "why not get back into shooting film?", and so I started looking for a suitable Leica R body. The SL2 was not an option since all my lenses are R-only, and the R6 was simply too damn expensive. R3 to R5 it was.. I stumbled upon this expensive offer that had been online for weeks, by a guy who wanted to sell his pristine Summicron-R 90mm together with a near-mint Leica R5... I ended up talking him down by 20% and bought the package Loaded a roll of Superia 200 last night and am looking forward to the results. Here are some pics (more can be found on the blog) The baseplate shows slight signs of wear, the brass shines through at some areas, but other than that it's perfect. My lenses, without the 90mm, I've still got to take pictures of that one. But it only arrived 2 days ago.
  6. Bo_Lorentzen

    Almost Venice

    Was in Vegas last week for a job and wandered off to the canal of the venetian hotel in the evening, after a few drinks I figured not to waste more of the evening and instead try to photograph the people instead of the casino glitz. here is one from my 135 2.8 gotta love that lens. still can't believe I managed to focus it in the low light.
  7. Hello, I have generously received a late model 135mm Hektor in M mount which has a lovely exterior, but there are dust bunnies clinging to the otherwise pristine matte black finish on the inside of the focus tube. I'm Seeking advice for cleaning these loose fuzzies without marring that currently unmarred paint. Shoukd I just wing it and gently wipe with a soft cloth? Note: so far the lens surfaces appear to NOT be hazed or fungus'd up, but the rear surface of the lens head is still waiting to be cleaned and find out for sure. All comments and input are highly welcome. Sincerely Richard in Michigan
  8. Ich habe die Absicht einige ältere M-Objektive codieren zu lassen und selbstverständlich auch die Steuerkurve für den Entfernungsmesser prüfen und ggf. justieren zu lassen. Soweit klar, was mich interssiert liessen sich die Unendlicheinstellungen auf einen Anschlag justieren, so wie beim alten Summicron 50 und 35mm mit Rastung, Rastung wäre nicht nötig, aber wenn die Objektive 90mm und 135mm bei Luftaufnahmen verwendet eine Einstellung für unendlich auf Anschlag hätten wäre das hilfreich, kein Objekt weniger als 200m entfernt. ( Dafür gibt es Genehmigungen von Luftfahrtbehörden, nicht über Städten, Notlandemöglichekeit in der Nähe usw. )
  9. Produced this story at the end of last week, with a Saturday game update... The stills in the video are all with the Mate - even the sports action (21, 28, 90, 135) - the gallery from Saturday's game is all M8, same lens combo. The tailgating alternative: Small college football - Rocky Mountain Independent