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Found 38 results

  1. How about an open thread about pictures of and taken with Visoflex lenses. Let me start with the 280mm mounted on the Visoflex III: Leica MP with Visoflex III and 280mm by Dirk Raffel, auf Flickr Sample picture: Zürich by Dirk Raffel, auf Flickr or with the Monochrom: Zürich by Dirk Raffel, auf Flickr
  2. I recently found a super deal on a Visoflex 020 being sold by Adorama through auction listed as having major defects; the details described as "** Item Notes: Viewfinder does not switch back to LCD screen properly; Likely proximity sensor issue; May have other issues; Cosmetic condition is E ** However, the price was too good to pass up, less than half price of a brand new one. So I took a chance and bought it. When I received and tried it out, to my surprise, it worked, but there were green lines across the display. The lines went away when I angled the viewfinder to the max 90 degrees angle, but only temporarily. Issue returned when I adjusted the angle of the viewfinder again. I spent the latter half of a Friday evening/night before I pinned the problem down to the LCD connection to the main board. I started disassembling the base module where the unit connects to the camera at the hot shoe. There are four screws at the bottom, then the top of that module can be lifted up and out. There is a swinging door with the tiniest spring that attaches to that top piece, very easy to lose. The door can fall off easily. The hot shoe connection can then be disconnected from the metal hinge assembly by removing two silver screws and pushing back the two plastic tabs securing the connector to the hinge plate. To disassemble the main eyepiece module, the rubber eye "hood" or protector had to be removed; it is held in by double-sided adhesive at the top and bottom inside. Behind that, there are two screws left and right flanking the eyepiece that hold the upper and lower housing together. After I removed those, I spent a lot of time working the housing, trying to figure out if there were any other screws, or if adhesive or tabs were holding them together. Turns out, I took a chance and found out there is a tab on each of the three sides. The bottom comes off, and the main assembly is attached to the top housing. The ribbon flex cable connecting the base module to the eyepiece main module had no signs of damage; connection was fine, and removing/reattaching it did not resolve the green-lines issue. There were no breaks on the flex. However, pushing the flex beneath made the green lines disappear temporarily. So I removed the mainboard from the top housing assembly, and found a misaligned connection between eyepiece LCD and the mainboard: see, the connection is crooked It may have dislodged from the connector after a drop, or perhaps maybe it was never properly installed at the factory. Or maybe the continued adjusting/angling of the viewfinder furthered the loose connection? In any case, removing and reinstalling the connection made the green lines disappear and have not reappeared ever since I reassembled everything together. I tested the eyepiece multiple times on my TL before reassembling everything back together. Gotta say, I'm very happy with the viewfinder. Though it seems to pale in comparison to the viewfinder in my recently acquired CL, it is still a very welcome addition. And very fun to use. I'm not a serious photographer, but I'm slowly working my way into a new hobby.. Some background; I have repaired other people's smartphones in the not too distant past, and I collect and repair vintage Macintosh computers. After my experience with the TL, Leica cameras are working their way into becoming a new part of my collection.
  3. Hi I've been procrastinating for a very long time over getting something to work with my M9P for macro work - specifically taking shots of antique/vintage fountain pens I've restored for sale or show. Technically I should be looking at a whole different camera (or digital Visoflex if I had a later M camera) but it would be great to get something working with the outfit I currently have. To start with I have a Visoflex III and I have my M9P and a few lenses that suffice to say don't work well for close up. I'd like to keep this simple and not break the back and I've figure out I'm probably looking at a v2 Elmar-V 65mm f3.5 which is a relatively 'meh' lens specifically built for the Visoflex and won't work directly on the M9 but apparently but does the job. The Macro Elmar-M 90mm f4 has far too many zeros in the price even for a used one and it is indeed a nice lens. Here is where I am: 1. Elmar-V 65/3.5 + 16464 universal focusing mount (OTZFO) + 16471 (OTPRO) ring extension 2. Tele-Elmar-M 135/4 + 16464 universal focusing mount (OTZFO) + 16471 (OTPRO) ring extension Option 1 gives me infinity to 330mm (13") or 330mm - 270mm focusing distance with EF= 2x or 3.4x (apparently) Option 2 gives me infinity to 980mm (38.5") or 980mm - 680mm focusing distance with EF = 1.4x or 2x (apparently) I'm going to say the despite the Tele-Elmar being a significantly more useful lens outside macro work and with a significantly better optical formula its probably going to be a pain to use for my application use case. I could look at getting the bellows adapter for the 135/4 but suspect this is just going to get a little unwieldy and out of hand. Thoughts/experiences?
  4. I've used my Visoflex 1 on my '37 Leica II, fitted with bellows, to take macro shots but I've just put it on my IIIf along with a 200mm Telyt lens to check it over before I take it out for some alpine photography in a few weeks time. The problem is that although I can swing the camera through 90 degrees for portrait and landscape views, the camera is not horizontal or vertical, but off by a few degrees. This means that I can't get horizontal at all (unless I unscrew the Visoflex slightly), and I can achieve vertical but only by moving the camera off one of the Visoflex end-stops (I hope that makes some sense?!). Can I adjust the 'end stops' on the Visoflex so that I can ensure horizontal / vertical setting of the camera? If so, how? Thanks, David.
  5. Wie sind denn Eure Erfahrungen mit der Akkulaufzeit? Auch, wie sich die Verwendung des Visoflex auswirkt. Mich würde interessieren, wie sich die M10 im Vergleich zur doch recht schwachbrüstigen M9 schlägt. Auf Urlaubsreisen reicht bei mir eine Akkuladung gerade mal einen Tag, wenn man die Aufnahmen öfters mal hinsichtl. Clipping/Ausschnitt/Schärfe kontrolliert (insgesamt wohl nicht mehr als 120-200 Aufnahmen). Danke.
  6. Taken with Elmarit 90/2.8, Bellows II, Micro-Visoflex III from inside of my window a couple of days ago. Probably the last few times I will use this setup as I am selling all my Telyt and Visoflex stuff.
  7. I've been struggling with the decision to pull the trigger on a Visoflex 020 viewfinder for my X 113. It seems like the eBay prices have been creeping up ever since the new M10 came out ($550-$600). I really need a viewfinder for a trip this summer. Question: Is there a very good alternative to the Visoflex 020 for the Leica X 113? I don't need GPS. I need to see the image clearly in bright daylight. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  8. I have quite a few Telyt 400mm and 560mm lenses and they come with different shoulder stocks. The stock on the left has a flat platform with two pins to attach to the bottom of a pistol grip which has two holes (in addition to the screw hole). The stock in the middle has a pistol grip which accepts a trigger cable. The "C" shape shoulder butt has two holes for attachment to the stock at different positions, and two more holes further out at both ends with a flat cut-out which does not look like for stock attachment. I don't know what those are for. The stock on the right has a similar pistol grip head with the addition of a thumb screw to secure the trigger cable, but the stock itself is quite different in design that the butt plate can be removed and attached to the bottom of the pistol grip to turn it into a small table pod. I am wondering if these different designs were from whatever time periods, or if they are specifically for whichever Telyt lenses (the f/6.8 series or the f/5.6 series)?
  9. Curious about the EVF-2, the Olympus specs do Not offer any help, i am wondering what the practical limitations of using Wide Angels lenses with the M240 and an EVF-2 are. My Q: What is the Widest lens that will work in a usable way with the EVF-2, before having to purchase a dedicated Wide Angle VF if anyone has experience?
  10. Liebe Gemeinde, ich besitze oben genanntes Objektiv und nutze es gerne mti dem Visoflex III an der M9 für Tierphotographie. Da unsere Kraniche und Raubvögel recht scheu sind, würde ich gerne eimal einen Extender aus der R-Serie einsetzen. Dabei aber natürlich weiterhin auf Unendlich fokussieren können. Bei meinem Visoflex 280er f 4,8 ist mir dies bereits gelungen. Kopf des 280ers abschrauben ans Balgengerät M II anschrauben( mit Adapter 16598 J), hinten M auf R-Adapter (14127f) dann Extender und zum Schluss R auf M-Adapter. (22228), Visolex, M9. Der durch das "Einsparen der Fokussierschnecke gewonnene Platz reicht, um auf Unendlich fokussieren zu können. Nun kann man ja beim alten Telyt 400mm f 5 auch den Kopf abschrauben und somit Platz für die beiden nötigen Adapter gewinnen. Ich finde aber keine Informationen, woran man den großen 400er Telytkopf anschrauben könnte, um ihn z. B am Balgen adaptieren zu können. Für Hinweise (auch über das Gewinde am Kopf des Telyt 400 mm f 5) wäre ich dankbar. Gruß Gregor
  11. Hi, I don't know if this is the right forum to post this, but I do have a M7. I am looking for some info. Could someone tell me which lenses would work with the Visoflex + Bellows for close up work? Thanks ACM
  12. Hi, I don't know if this is the right forum to post this, but I do have a M7. I am looking for some info. Could someone tell me which lenses would work with the Visoflex + Bellows for close up work? Thanks ACM
  13. ... mit M-Bajonett-Auflagemaß - oder: Leica M Anwendung als Systemkamera für Visoflexobjektive - oder: Universelle M-Bajonett Zwischenringe, vergleichbar R-Zwischenringe - oder: Überbrückung der Visoflexdistanz (41mm) Mit der Einführung von Systemkameras mit 'Echtzeit-Bilddarstellung' und Elektronischen Sucher kann bei Bedarf auf das bewährte Visoflexgehäuse mit M-Bajonett verzichtet werden. Um einen ergonomischen, ästhetischen sowie praxisgerechten Zwischenadapter zu realisieren, bietet sich die Anwendung von Adapter und Ringen aus der langlebigen Produktpalette von Ernst Leitz Wetzlar an. Wie schon vorgestellt, folgen ein Dutzend Anwendungsvorschläge zur Überbrückung der Visoflexdistanz (41mm) - wie man es auch in einem Sonderdruck des L.-Informationsdienstes erwarten kann. (Frei nach Anregung durch Herr Stefan Daniel: "Dies müsste man ausprobieren." ! - auf die 'Frage: Funktionieren Visoflex-Objektive?' *) Zwischenring Nr. 1 bis 7 Zwischenadapter mit Schnecke Nr. 8 Zwischenring Nr. 9 * aus Protokoll photokina Fragestunde . 1/3
  14. Since I use the Visoflex II and III regularly, I wonder if it is possible to replace the ground glass with another one, which helps to focus better. I have the focusing slide of a Reprovit II, which has a nice looking focusing screen. Would it be possible to use this one as a replacement for the original one in a Visoflex II or III, without too much trouble? I would ask Will van Manen to do it, but only if it is worth the trouble. I was looking for things I might be able to use of that Reprovit part and thought of this. Thanks for any ideas, Lex
  15. Regrettably RG Lewis, a Leica Premier dealership in London has closed its doors after more than 100 years of trading because its proprietor is retiring. I was in Croydon Photo Centre yesterday (formerly called High Street Radio and Photographic), which is a family business owned by 84 year old Reg Roach and has specialised in Leica and Roberts radio products for over 50 years. Reg's son Paul showed me a large amount of Leica accessories (hoods, filters, caps, Visoflexs, adaptors etc) that Len at RG Lewis had passed on to the shop when he shut the doors at RG Lewis. Croydon Photo Centre already offers a wide range of classic Leica goods but Paul told me that it will take some time to load all of the former RG Lewis accessories onto his website. He told me that if anyone is looking for Leica accessories then please contact the shop by email or telephone on the weblink above. Paul's very happy to talk to people over the phone or if you happen to be in the area on a day that the shop is open (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays) then call in for a chat and a rummage. (For full disclosure I have no connection to Croydon Photo Centre or its goods other than to have been a satisfied customer over the years who enjoys the 'days gone by' feel of the shop with shelves stacked high with all sorts of goods and hidden gems and drawers filled with more and staff who know their products well who are happy to spend time talking to you. I have only posted this message as a service to other forum members who may be or may have been looking for a particular for some time.) For those who know Reg he unfortunately fell and broke his hip recently so he's in hospital at the moment but is in constant contact with Paul by phone as I witnessed while Paul was looking for an IROOA for my Rigid Summicron, which he successfully found with Reg's telephonic guidance. Pete.
  16. Hey Leica T peeps! Recently got the VisoFlex for my T and it keeps freezing my camera. The fix is ejecting the battery. Basically if im walking around with my T and try to take a shot, the live view is locked in the EVF and none of the Leica T buttons are responsive. This is happening alot. Is there a way to reinstall Firmware? When i try it just says " your up to date". Anyway if anyone has experienced this would love to know how you fixed it. Thanks in advance.
  17. I can't believe this hasn't been discussed, but if so, I couldn't find the thread... My eyesight is (way) outside the ±3.5 diopter range of the T's Visoflex. So, I need my glasses. So far, no issues. However, If I am in bright light, especially if the sun is at my back (not an uncommon position) the camera simply will not switch from the LCD to the Visoflex on its own. I can usually force it to switch by holding my hand over the Visoflex and the sensor above the LCD, and then quickly switch to my eye." This is, simply put, a pain and sometimes it takes more than one attempt. It would sure be nice to have a settings option to either force the Visoflex to on (with some touch sequence to return to the LCD) or at least to adjust the sensitivity of the sensors. In the meantime, I was wondering how have others dealt with this issue?
  18. Hi guys, New member here.... I recently bought the X-113 and a Visoflex. The Visoflex is primaily used for EVF and diopter purposes, but when something is marketed with some function, I like to test it. The Visoflex is supposed to give GPS readings. However, turning the function on and being outside with it for a few hours still does not make it function. The exclamation mark, telling me that the reading is not received, is there all the time. A couple of times I have been able to get a reading, but then only after multiple times turning the "X" off and on, removing and mounting the Visoflex, so there does not seem to be any consistency in when it will get the GPS reading. I have also been with the importer, and they don't know what is the problem, either. The problem was replicated with their Equipment as well... I understand that some "T" cameras also have suffered from this. Any other X.113 users out there who suffers from this? If we are many, maybe Leica will look into the matter....
  19. As you know, when you raise our T to use the Visoflex, there is a delay in the switch over from the LCD to the Visoflex. For those of us who do street photography, that delay will sometimes interfere with our ability to "get the shot" and can be frustrating. Some have suggested placing a thumb over the eyepiece to fool the camera to thinking there is an eye looking through the Viso. The problem is that unless you keep your thumb over the eyepiece right up to when you replace your thumb with your eye, the momentary switch over is enough at times to have the camera go back to the LCD. What I have found that works and wanted to share is a technique that seems to work. Holding the camera in front of us to either look at a control setting or even doing that "shoot from the hip" technique, if you find that you will need to use the Viso, bring the camera towards your chest and as you raise the camera to your eye, keep the camera close to your body and face as the camera approaches your eye. I've found that this is working for me and that I am not missing "the decisive moment" due to the lag time with having the Visoflex activate. Hope this helps. If anyone else have a technique that works, please share!
  20. Hallo, ich bin seit kurzem Besitzer eines Visoflex III mit Balgen. Dieses betreibe ich an meiner M7. Zum Auslösen würde ich gern einen Drahrauslöser benutzen. Der Drahtauslöser, den ich habe, ist mit Stoff ummantelt. Leider schafft es der Auslöser nur den Auslösearm des Visoflex auf den Auslöser der Kamera zu drüchken, schafft es aber nicht, diesen auszulösen. Gab es dafür spezielle Auslöser bzw. worauf muss man achten, wenn man sich dafür einen neuen Auslöser kaufen möchte. Danke!
  21. http://www.photoscala.de/Artikel/Zubehoer-Offensive-fuer-die-Leica-M "Dass Leica Camera die alteingeführte Marke Visoflex aus der Zeit der Spiegelkästen wieder einführt, zeichnete sich schon im vergangenen Jahr ab, als die Solmser sich die Marke „Visoflex“ beim Deutschen Patent- und Markenamt unter den Registrierungsnummer DE 302011054103 schützen ließen. Jetzt nutzt man die Marke für einen externen elektronischen Sucher. Der Visoflex-Aufstecksucher EVF2 hat laut Leica 1,4 Megapixel, verfügt über eine 90°-Schwenkfunktion und soll 400 Euro kosten."
  22. Guest

    Rot und Grün

    Leica M8, Tele-Elmar 1:4,5/135mm am Balgen mit Visoflex, Blende 4,5
  23. Guest


    Leica M8, Tele-Elmar 1:4,5/135mm, Balgen und Visoflex, Bld. ca. 5,6
  24. Guest

    Tulpen Blüten

    Bild 1 u. 2 Leica M9, Apo-Summicron 90mm Bild 3 Leica M8, Visoflex III, Balgen II, Kopf des Tele-Elmar 4,5/135mm
  25. Hi folks, I would like to use 105mm and 135mm Rodagon enlarging lenses (both have 39mm screw mount) for macro work on a Visoflex III with M9P (and M7) cameras. I have some 39mm extension tubes already. Is there a focus mount that I can use for these Rodagon lenses? I have a 16464K/OTFZO, but that seems to have too small and too recessed a thread to take the enlarging lenses. Do the ZOOAN or OUAGO have a 39mm front thread that would work?
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