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Sequoia Fog


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Sequoia NP early morning sun trying to burst through the dense fog.

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beautiful & stunning. one of the best landscape shots i've seen in a long time. i especially like the contrast between the black and solid trees in the front and the lighter and very fine structures in the back. intuitively i would have expeced the inverse geometric order - fine details in the front, the solid stuff in the back. inverting this make this image so interesting to me.

post processing is very well done, too. normally, i am not a big fan of sepia stuff, but here it works marvelously.

this picture reminds me of ancient japanese ink drawings - great ...


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aeosop, virgil, many thanks.


Please advise on execution, etc


Slept in the car in order to be at this destination for the right light. It had been foggy for five days straight while I was in Sequoia and I had pre-scouted this location for a "foggy sunrise". When I awoke and hiked into the meadow there was a family of black bears digging for roots. Fortunately, they moved on after a brief period, but it was enjoyable to observe them nonetheless. I used RVP-50, spot metered the fog, and opened up +1.0 - +1.5 stops. IIRC, this was taken with a 35mm or 50mm lens on my M7. I then pulled out my 4x5 and recorded it on that as well (I use the 35mm for projection purposes on a Pradovit RTm with 90 Super ColorPlan Pro lens and the 4x5 for drum scanning/printing).

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Jeff, that honey toning is sweet. Great light & interesting to hear your game plan. Here I think I navigate in some dicey terrain, but "a family of bears" is no Family of Man. Much enjoyed & looking forward to seeing more as they emerge from the red lights.

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