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  1. Sorry, I should have stated it is the SL2.
  2. Hi; The customizable function buttons does NOT retain my setting if I program any of them for "User Profile" use. Once set, after using it once, it defaults back to the factory setting. It does seem to work well if I program it with other functions, but not with the "User Profile" setting. Is this a software issue that is in need of a firmware update? Does yours hold this setting? Thanks in advance.
  3. Do you know of any quick fixes for a M lens that mounts properly but won't click into place? Thanks in advance.
  4. Well documented. Most of my family was murdered there.
  5. I recently returned to film. I noticed that my Elmar-M 50, Noctilux 50, APO Summicron 50 and non-apo Summicron 50 all give the same high-quality results on film at any given aperture. Interestingly, my Elmar-M 50 is always soft in the corners with my digital Leica SL and MM. I assume this has to do with the film's emulsion thickness vs. a flat digital sensor? If so, why bother using higher quality lenses (APO-Summicron) with film when the results seem to be the same with my "not-so-digitally-great" Elmar-M 50? Thanks in advance.
  6. Just an update....I developed several rolls of Tri-x 400 and left them to dry on my Paterson developing reels with the help of a homemade Senrac using 4" drain pipe and a fan I purchased from Amazon. It worked great and completely eliminated vertical curl. After the film dried I wound it with the emulsion side out back onto the reel and left it on my desk for about 1/2 hour. My negs are now flat as a pancake!
  7. So it seems like the best way to address this issue is to leave it on the reel and quick dry like the Senrac with maybe a hairdryer on a lower heat setting?
  8. Logically the reel will hold the film in place and prevent it from curling along the "vertical" axis. The water can drip off along the "horizontal" axis when the reel is laid flat. Has anyone tried this? The Senrac dryer above seems to work in this manner, so why bother taking the film out of the reel in the first place? Thanks.
  9. Would it make any sense to dry my film on the developing reel to avoid the dreaded extreme vertical curl that I can't seem to get rid of? Why dry by hanging vertically with clips on both ends? Thanks in advance!!
  10. My longest was 135mm and was quite adequate.
  11. The 135 is a terrific lens on the SL! I never could use mine very successfully with my Leica rangefinders. I'm glad I never sold it!
  12. Formatt makes a filter holder for other mounts but not for the M mount. I'm not sure I want to try removing the hood!
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