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My M-P 240 response to the new M11.

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I have two "ancient" Leica M-P 240's that I use for all my professional work, commercial, weddings, etc. The M11 looks great but my rigs are doing just fine. In any case the M Mount Lenses are the real stars, both Leica and Voigtlander brands. (I might change my tune when a used M11 gets down under $4000) 🥵

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Just took mine out today. Happy as a clam. Adapted lenses, no problem. Shoot like a traditional M (using classic metering) no problem. Shoot like a mirrorless camera with an evf, no problem. It's versatile, beautiful, and modern "enough" by all standards.


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What I have learned, from reading the various M11 reviews and reports, is that I have a renewed interest in the APO Summicron-M 35mm ASPH. If suddenly gifted/blessed with the cash to acquire an M11, I would rather buy the lens. A 35mm lens, with close-focus capability, is something that I learned to like, when i was using DSLRs. I want the M11 to do well, because I want Leica to thrive, but nothing about the M11 is stirring any urges to acquire another camera body. 

Actually, I am a bit out of place, in this section of the forum, as I started Leica shooting with an M10, and then added an M Type 246 Monochrom, but I do read this part of the forum, as the 246 shares parts, accessories, and handling characteristics with the 240 and 262. (Now that “handling characteristics” has been mentioned, well, the slimness of the M10 is a bit overrated, in my opinion.)

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