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  1. Is the travel still super long? Mine is all the way to the bottom. My friend (on here as BerndReini) who owns WAY too many Leicas gave it a try and said "This is WRONG. This is NOT right." And yes, I'm coming from several M6s myself. On the new MP, after the initial "engage meter" travel, it's continuous pushing of the release until basically the very bottom and I don't know when it will actually fire. That's a problem.
  2. I've got an M6 Classic that has some bubbling/separation on the front glass of the viewfinder as well as some haze internally. It is speculated that this occurred by leaving it in a hot car which fried the cement. Who is the go-to for viewfinder stuff? I've defaulted to Don at DAG, but YYE did a great job with a lens fix for me and I've heard great things about Sherry. I might go the whole 9 yards and have the MP finder put in. Any good or bad viewfinder experiences from any of those three?
  3. Interestingly, my MP arrived in Manchester in February but there was a communication error and I didn't get it until recently. Same batch, surely. One bigger issue emerged today: At one point I tried to take an exposure and it simply would not fire the shutter no matter how hard I pressed. I let go and tired again, and the button felt like it engaged differently and the exposure fired very quickly and easily. Something is DEFINITELY wrong. There was no comparison of the failure of my first attempt to release the shutter and my second successful attempt.
  4. I finally received my new MP from Leica Store Manchester! It is stunningly beautiful, but one of the first things I noticed is that the shutter release takes a much larger depression than any of my other Leicas. Also, it seems inconsistent that it needs to be pressed so far down to release the shutter. I handed it to a friend who also owns an MP and he said it was definitely off. He had the same thought that I frequently have when squeezing the release: "Did I advance the film? I must not have". Then you squeeze much harder and it releases. Has anyone else had this issue? I
  5. Thanks! I got in contact with him and apparently my MP came in back in February but they couldn't get a hold of me or there was some miscommunication. He checked with his stock guy and it is still sitting there ready to be shipped! So hopefully I'll have it in the next week. Thanks!
  6. Who is Ben? Is he from Leica Store Manchester?
  7. Has anyone received an MP recently through Leica Store Manchester? That's where my order is (from last year). To keep my ear to the ground at a secondary dealer, I signed up for stock alerts at B&H. I keep getting notices of "We haven't forgotten about you! It's still back ordered." So I'm assuming Leica Store Manchester is also getting zero MPs from Wetzlar.
  8. Has anyone recently gotten a new delivery on an MP black paint? They seem to be on perpetual back order.
  9. I love my finger loop on the M240. Is there any option out there to do that or a wrist strap on an M6? Technically, someone would just need to (very securely) tap some threads into another grip, whether it's Leica or Camerakraft.
  10. Hello! I'm trying to lock in a scanning workflow for B/W 35mm and I've had such a love/hate relationship with my Coolscan 5000 and Vuescan. The detail extracted is second to none, but I'm seeing EVERY flaw as well. There are hairline surface scratches that explode on the screen from these scans that are nowhere to be found on a mirrorless camera scan or a darkroom print. Is this just inherent to the scanning physics? Is it scanning the surface and therefore every film base scratch is seen? Again, if you backlight the negative, all of these tiny scratches are invisible.
  11. I need to run a test of color filters on color sensor conversions. When you use the color filter simulations, you are really stressing the recorded color channels. I've seen different channels fall apart when pushed. I think I'll take my M240 and take the same image with a (gasp!) orange and red filter on it and then compare it to a clean image with the color filter simulation. It might be fun to torture the camera and ask for auto white balance with one of the filters on, haha
  12. Thanks. Yeah I've seen great and poor prints from both as well. One stunning print I recently saw was a platinum contact print made from a digitally printed negative from a digital camera. And Allan Schaller's printed work always looks great. It's like going back to painting - the artist's vision and skill is always first and foremost, but an oil painting will feel different than a pastel painting, even if it is of the same subject.
  13. I've found that these all tie in with each other. There is no organic shoulder roll-off to clipping in digital. You see this on reflections, specular highlights, etc. This might be combining with the clean, sterile rendering of our new low-noise chips which leads to the feeling I get from it. Do prints tone this down with their own tactile, analog, textured presence? I think so. I've seen some incredible digital prints. But at the same time, you can't tell me that I'm not feeling what I'm feeling when I'm looking at a photo online. Again, I WANT to simplify my life and buy a nice used
  14. You're both right. Whenever I get frustrated processing, printing and scanning, with the surge marks in the negative, dust, scratches, uneven enlarger illumination, etc, etc, I'll look at used Monochrom listings. But then I always force myself to browse Monochrom images on Flickr and the forums and there is always this plastic, artificial undertone to them. Sometimes it's super subtle, but I almost always feel it. Even in small image Facebook posts, when scrolling I'll know a digital b/w conversion versus a film scan. So yeah. I hear you. I will continue this a
  15. I'm curious about the highlight roll off. The one thing I really dislike about the Monochrom line is how they hit a wall and clip in the highlights. With film, and to an extent a bayer color digital chip, the highlights roll off more gracefully. In all of the demos I've done with the M9M and M246, I've been turned off by the highlight handling.
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