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  1. Nice shot. Do you recall the ISO and shutter speed? Always good to see indoor sports shots with a film M.
  2. RayD28

    Caution - may upset some - Bull Fight

    Thanks for describing the event and the photo. It sounds like there was much less drama and uncertainty than the photo depicts.
  3. RayD28

    Prescott Hill Climb marshals' trophies

    Graham, thought you might enjoy this clip about Bugattis. https://www.cnn.com/videos/business/2018/10/17/bugatti-chiron-divo-volkswagen-fastest-production-car.cnn-business/video/playlists/business-drive-cars/
  4. RayD28

    I like film...(open thread)

    Nice set. Did they use the clothes iron in the process or did it just happen to be on the bench?
  5. RayD28

    Help getting started with an M

    I just double checked Tamarkin's website and he offers a twelve month warranty on digital cameras. It looks like the camera you are describing has an extra battery. I've heard a lot of good things about him and bought a used lens from him that was in better condition than described at a competitive price. This is no knock on any retailer, but I'd buy local when possible even if I have to pay sales tax and a little premium. Plus, down the road you will most likely buy and/or trade for other equipment and a good relationship with a dealer means a lot in my opinion. Finally, having someone local to give advice adds value. My two cents.
  6. RayD28

    I like film...(open thread)

    Lovely subject and use of light.
  7. RayD28

    Nobel Laureate 2017

    Ditto. Your photos brought a smile to my heart.
  8. RayD28

    Congratulation for the new site

    Thanks for all your work, Andreas. I'm getting notifications for activity in threads and sub-forums that I've not marked to follow, ever read, posted to, or had my likes. Seems random. I'm assuming it's because we are in the transition mode. I went to a few threads and confirmed that I did not mark them follow. Otherwise all notifications seem appropriate.
  9. RayD28

    Table center decoration

    She has an artistic gift.
  10. RayD28

    I like film...(open thread)

    Nice shot. What lens?
  11. RayD28

    Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

  12. RayD28

    Scenes from an art fair.

    Do you suppose he has a Black Rapid carrier for that ladder?
  13. RayD28

    What do we photograph on the streets?

    The Bresson quote in your signature fits. You captured a young sightless woman making her way with in the world. The shot captures strength, dignity, and respect. It's a shame she will never see how well you have presented her in the scene. Nicely done.
  14. RayD28

    Two on a Bicycle

    My 2 cents -- The first shot is strong -- great work with panning. The second shot looks like camera shake. It has a surreal quality and if that was your goal it's good shot.
  15. RayD28

    Prescott Hill Climb marshals' trophies

    Congratulations again and thanks for explaining your trophy. It's great to be thanked and recognized for your work.