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  1. Well, I decided against buying an M10 Monochrom, before the price increase. Time will tell, whether I will regret this decision.
  2. This has been an informative discussion, as I ponder whether to beat the Leica USA price hike, due to occur about an hour from now. I have the money, in the bank, so would not be going into debt, but spending close to $9K US, total, for the camera and the sales tax, is not an easy decision. I currently use M10 and M Type 246 cameras. I do, very much, love shooting in monochrome, but, I also enjoy the lovely M10 color palette, which suits my wife’s skin tone so well.
  3. I have no complaints about the Zeiss Distagon 1,4/35mm ZM. Its images are pleasing to my eyes. I was already accustomed to relatively large SLR lenses, and then started Leica M shooting with a Summilux-M 50mm ASPH, which is not a small Leica M lens, so I did not establish an initial expectation that all M-mount lenses should be compact. (I have acquired 35mm and 28mm Summarons, and a collapsible 50mm Elmar, so do appreciate compact Leica lenses, too.) I agree with those who prefer the aesthetic appearance of the silvery version. I bought the black version, first, because it was pre-owned,
  4. Well, it would be nice to first see some independent reviews, preferably with true, side-by-side comparison images. The already-mentioned Reid Reviews site is well-respected. I used Lloyd Chambers’ site to help me to decide between the 35mm Summilux-M FLE and the Zeiss 1,4/35mm Distagon ZM, but, he has not yet blogged that he has acquired an APO-Summicron-M 35mm. My subscription to his Leica pages has already expired, but, I may renew, at the end of March, when my bank account gets a fresh infusion of cash. I may, also, subscribe to the Reid Reviews site. (My decision against acquiring an
  5. Well, I had hoped to take longer, in deciding whether to buy an M10 Monochrom in 2021. Now, I have just two weeks in which to decide, and act. Notably, the funds that will enable me to buy, will arrive on the final business day of March, so, that means buying two weeks from today, or paying a higher price, later. This is a bit inconvenient, for me, but, I do understand the reason why Leica needs to do this, and appreciate the two weeks’ notice. Hopefully, if I do decide to buy on March 31st, there will be available stock. Regardless, this is a beautiful day, the end of the worst of the pa
  6. Congratulations, for achieving retirement, and for your first Leica! Welcome to the forum. 🙂 Most Zeiss ZM, and all Voigtlander lenses, are made by Cosina. My early compact/budget 35mm purchase was a older Leica Summaron-M 35mm, purchased for a few hundred US dollars, but the comparable Zeiss ZM 2,8/35mm Biogon has an excellent reputation. I have other Zeiss lenses, for Leica M and for SLR cameras. I doubt that you will be disappointed. I added the Leica M system after retirement, too, almost three years ago. It was a pre-owned Summilux-M 50mm ASPH that “hooked” me, and then I had t
  7. In the rough-and-double reportage/photojournalist environment, holding a camera steady enough is no easy task. I am not a PJ, but did work big-city police patrol, mostly at night, plus some extra assignments at large events, and so, saw some PJs and documentary photographers in action, from time to time. I am thinking that a working reporter/PJ would be using a moderate-resolution camera. My current Leica cameras are only 24MP, but my 50MP Canon 5Ds R “demands” that I use lenses with Image Stabilization, when shooting hand-held. Said with respect. I am not meaning to be argumentativ
  8. Well, it is as affordable as other M cameras, if I can manage to budget for it, but I will not know until early March whether I can hope to spend that much money this year, on a camera, and would be unable to pay for it, before the end of March. I reckon that collectors will have pre-ordered all of them, before then. If I do buy a ruggedized camera, in 2021, it will probably be a D6. Whether M10-P Reporter, or Nikon D6, buying a camera in 2021 remains an “IF.” I am not a reporter, but worked big-city police patrol for 33+ years, until I retired in 2018, and my honorably-retired police ID
  9. It is too early, in what is still a lock-down/pandemic year, to be certain of anything, but I can guess that the following will be favored for most shooting, in no specific order: Leica Summilux-M 50mm ASPH. Zeiss ZM 1,4/35mm. Zeiss ZM 4,5/21mm, on Type 246 Monochrom, only, due to the color shift when used for color images on digital cameras. I favor my Summilux-M 50mm ASPH, for images of people; mostly people known to me. It is the lens that drew me into the Leica-M system. The Zeiss 35mm and 21mm lenses are for general photography, and landscapes. I foresee much “attempte
  10. Consider Zeiss ZM. I love the Distagon 1,4/35mm ZM. It is a bit large, but not enough to bother me. I strongly prefer Leica, for 50mm lenses, but, at 35mm, I strongly the f/1,4 Distagon ZM, regardless of price.
  11. Thanks for the virtual visual tour. I had hoped to see southern Florida this year, but, who knows when normal travel practices will resume? (Plus, my wife’s health puts her into the highly-vulnerable demographic, so we isolate more than many folks.)
  12. If f/2 is “fine,” modern is preferred, and Leica is the preferred brand: Summicron-M IV or V, with “V” being the same optical formula, as the IV, but with a different exterior. (Some consider the Summicron APO ASPH to be the “fifth” version.) If Leica is not necessary, I would not hesitate to select the Zeiss Planar option, if cost is a concern, or not. While I have not actually used this one, I do have 21mm and 35mm Zeiss ZM lenses, and Zeiss SLR lenses. For the external aesthetic appearance and ergonomics, and a classic look in the images, the “Rigid” is so very nice, to my eyes.
  13. Yes, indeed. A Mandler lens will “see” the world so much differently than a Karbe lens. There have been other designers, but these get the most attention, in the post-war era. Some Leica shooters will want to use all lenses with the same visual signature, while others will own several, in the same focal length, in order to create different looks, with the same angle-of-view. I may eventually own three different 28mm lenses, and have accumulated four 50mm lenses, though two are Summicrons, of the same generation, optically.
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