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  1. Thanks for the update! Look forward to higher capacity batteries and new faster processing.
  2. It works very well. I never adjust mirrors och steering wheel positions while driving.
  3. a.noctilux is correct. According to manual:
  4. Well. You are actually not so far off from reality as you might think. Not the actual steering wheel itself, but the scroll wheels on my cars steering wheel, actually is used for different and multiple purposes depending on what you do, and your settings.
  5. I would argue with that regarding M9 vs M240. I do not buy into the crap of the "CCD-look". The M240 is a better camera than M9 in every way.
  6. Yes, would love to see faster start and general response of camera.
  7. Ahh. That explains why I have missed it. Thanks!
  8. Thanks! Never used or seen an M5. 🙂 Have used M3 and almost all digital M cameras, but never seen it on any of them.
  9. Yes, the M9 is really not the most reliable camera in history.
  10. Thinking about it, I do not think I have seen them on Leica cameras. At least never on M bodies. Have I missed some? On Fujifilm and some other cameras, they are still used even today.
  11. My fault looking at my M-E 240 too quickly without thinking about the Leica M flange distance. It should of course have a dash in a small circle to point to the plane as well. Like the marking on my X-E3 to the left of the hot shoe: Thanks for correcting me!
  12. For different type of photography.
  13. Yes, just left of the "A". You can see it on the M-E version I have at least. Here is a picture of the top plate of the M-E 240 with the plane indicator clearly marked. I am not sure why they have removed the marking on some M cameras? I think it should be standard on all of them.
  14. Yes, I think you are right that SD cards does not make any big difference in most M cameras. Still a great camera even it it is a little slow booting up time. Very happy with it anyway. I notice the M-E is bit better with snapping several photos in a row compared to the normal 240, and probably due to its double sized buffer.
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