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  1. I was never very tempted to upgrade to M10 due to smaller and poorer battery compared to the M-240, but have always whished for better DR (I do not care at all for higher resoltion as 24 is more than I need). With the M11 I can get better DR without sacrifising battery life. So I see the M11 as a great future upgrade path coming from M240. That said I will probably wait some years, and to see what M11P brings, and happy to continue with my M-E 240 until that time. I am very glad that Leica have released the M11, but no stress or hurry for me personally to upgrade.
  2. Ok, perhaps the first11-P half a year earlier, and the Safari 11-P will arrive in Jan 2024. 🙂
  3. In addition to IBIS the M12 must also have an articulating screen.
  4. So it is mainly a sound issue as I understand it?
  5. Not really. I do not care so much about maximising resolution (I never print large bill boards). Everything above 20MP is good enough for me.
  6. I do not think two years is exceptionally generous. Many cars have 5 or 8 years of warranty. By law we have a three year right to claim repair if the error is due to a manufature iduced faulty product.
  7. Is it just your example due to normal age and wear, or is it due to a known faulty construction?
  8. I have a Leica M-E 240 made in 2019. That said I am a little unsure which month it was produced in. How can I find out?
  9. Thanks for the update! Look forward to higher capacity batteries and new faster processing.
  10. It works very well. I never adjust mirrors och steering wheel positions while driving.
  11. a.noctilux is correct. According to manual:
  12. Well. You are actually not so far off from reality as you might think. Not the actual steering wheel itself, but the scroll wheels on my cars steering wheel, actually is used for different and multiple purposes depending on what you do, and your settings.
  13. I would argue with that regarding M9 vs M240. I do not buy into the crap of the "CCD-look". The M240 is a better camera than M9 in every way.
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