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  1. Couple of boring snaps with M11 and Mate v1 below. They show what this combo can do at close to medium distance, nothing available at infinity sorry. Details in exif data. No cropping, sharpening or NR in PP. Bottom line the Mate is a sharp lens and the M11 does not get in the way somewhat expectedly.
  2. Erwin Puts made the same mistake as mine then. « From its optical design the Tri-Elmar is a true zoom lens » (link)
  3. A zoom lens is not a prime anyway. As far as M lenses are concerned, the Mate and the Wate are the only zoom lenses available so they have simply no competition.
  4. Hehe yes or more simply put the lens on the camera and see what happens. In this case nothing. The M11 behaves the same way as low res cameras with more pixels that's all. As for the Mate, Erwin Puts used to say that it was better than previous Leica primes of same focal length which was perhaps exaggerated but fact is it is one of my sharper M lenses and no competent camera can change anything to that.
  5. Haha i wanted to ask if the bird was stuffed and if the twigs came direct from a washing machine but you have been faster than me . Just kidding.
  6. Comparing pics of different size has no meaning for me so i always upsample the smaller. YMMV.
  7. It does more than downsampling M11 pics. Would not have been fair for the M11.
  8. Ditto here. My point is that handheld at 1/f the M11 shows more motion blur at 60mp or 36mp than my M240 even upsampled to 60mp. I can understand this when the M11 works at its full resolution but i would have expected better results at 36mp i must say. I don't understand how the pixel binning referred to by Leica is working actually but i wonder what it is for if it doesn't help to reduce motion blur.
  9. Sharp lens on M240, digital CL and Sony A7r2 mod. Same apparently on the M11 but i have little experience on this body. I don't feel any lack of resolution or contrast on the M11 so far. My copy is an uncoded v1 with vestigial built-in hood. Works normally in both RF and LV modes on the M11 where it is listed as "28-35-50 f/4.0 ASPH 11625" in the lens menu with 3 different options at 28mm, 35mm and 50mm. No idea if there is any difference between those 3 options. The lens has the usual flare issue at 50mm. Also its "hidden" macro mode at 40mm car be handy but needs the LV mode as the RF is useless for macro. I will post a couple snaps on the M11 if i find the time.
  10. Not a problem on the M11, at least for me. One of its major qualities is its quiet and well damped shutter. Even this oldie can shoot pics handheld at less than 1/f but this implies a good dose of experience, luck and effort. You may wish to have a look at my post above (link).
  11. Depends on the focal length. 1/50s is not the same at 35mm as 50mm or 75mm. At 50mm (1/f) i got better results with my M240 compared to the M11, even when upsampling the M240 files to 60mp.
  12. Indeed and it works also fine in permanent mode apparently, don't ask me why.
  13. I respect what you say of course but sorry it is not the same issue between a 24mp and a 60mp camera. I did extensive comparos with my M240 and i found that the latter was sharper at 1/f shutter speeds even when upsampled to 60mp. I have posted my tests somewhere in this forum and will retrieve them if you wish.
  14. Any M camera should work the same good way at slow and fast shutter speeds in my humble opinion. This is the way i've been using my M3, M4, M4-2, M6J, M8.2 and M240 since the seventies and the M11 is the sole exception. Now i knew that flaw of the M11 when i ordered it and i found rather easy ways to live with them so i don't regret my purchase at all but i won't upgrade if the M12 has no IBIS as it should have as a high res camera. YMMV.
  15. I hear you but i heard the same from photogs proud of their pics with human eyes looking like glass marbles so i will stay in my outdated niche i think .
  16. Do not set Auto review to Off or Shutter Button. Works faster at 1s, 3s or 5s settings curiously. At least on my body.
  17. The bird in the Topaz ad look like a plastic toy to me so i was not even tempted to download a demo. Pity to buy an high end camera or lens if it is to correct its flaws with software BTW but it's just me. Kind of cautery on a wooden leg if you ask me (is that english?).
  18. I still use my Summicron v4 or v5 preferably when i need a compact 50/2. The tiny v4 is sitting on my new M11 currently. It has been coded and i feel as if this lens from 1988 were part of a 2022 kit with the body.
  19. Not sure if the OP is interested but among compact cameras the film CL and the Rollei 35 are my all time favorites.
  20. Shutter behaving erratically. Looks like auto review is still the culprit. Worse result when it is set to off or shutter button curiously enough. No problem at 1s, 3s or 5s apparently.
  21. I wish i could reach 10,000 iso. I can do it with my Sony A7s which delivers rather clean 12800 iso although pictures become seriously grainy then. Harder with my A7r2 and M11 though. 6400 iso is my maximum setting with both, i mean without additional noise reduction.
  22. OK so you own other cameras with IBIS if i understand well so you may wish to use your M11 a different way. For 1/2f and faster shutter speeds you will just need a normal concentration if you have some experience with M cameras already. At 1/f and below things become more difficult. There is no real problem if you don't pixel peep but if you're used to doing 100% crops you could be disappointed. My better tip is use a tripod if you can. Otherwise click-click-click give better results that one click alone curiously enough, there is generally a shot sharper than others. I did it at 1/20s handheld here but it is hit and miss generally, better shoot at 1/2f or 1/3f if you can, other colleagues here prefer 1/4f. (M11, Summicron 50/2 v4, f/2, 1/20s, 6400 iso, FF & 100% crop).
  23. OK so do you want to know how i deal with the camera shake issue? If not it is not a problem but i don't want to hurt you.
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