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After searching long time for a "reasonable" flash for my CL;  and, considering different options for someone like me who is not using flash often, I finally decided to get a used, but like new, SF24D for a very reasonable price. I must also thank Jaap for his very useful recommendations.


I finally had time to make some tests in the street and I am really very happy. This is exactly what I needed and nothing more for my occasional use.


These shots have been taken through the windows in the street, and all the dirt you see are from the windows.


CL + Vario Elmar-T, 18-56 mm





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Thanks for the link. I hope that Nissin have made the detents on the rear dial far more definite than those on the SF40. It is far too easy to just brush the dial and inadvertently dial in plus or minus flash strength. 


PS Any indication of price yet or a guess on how much the loading will be on the Nissin i60 (€220) ? 

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So a 100% loading on the $299 normal US price for the Nissin i60a to $599 for the Leica SF60. About the same loading as the Metz flashes in the past. 

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