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Dead M240?

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Hi there guys, I had a problem with my M and was wondering if any of you had a similar problem. The camera will not turn on. I've checked the battery (bought a new charger and battery) and it seems fine. I removed the battery overnight and it didn't help. The red light flickers for a second and then goes out but there is no functionality. If I hold the info button while I turn it on, I get a brief ability to see a menu (maybe 5-6 seconds) but then it goes out again. I brought it into Leica Soho and they played with it for a while and were not able to get it operating. We've sent it off to Leica in NJ hoping they have an answer. It's only about 8 mos old. Any thoughts? It has never been exposed to heat or moisture and it is always pampered like the fine instrument it is.:mad:

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