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  1. Thank you for this very helpful comment. I will reflect on it before deciding.
  2. Well, I am quite happy with the 28 mm Q2. The resolution is good enough to allow significant cropping when required.
  3. After an absence of some years, I am thinking of re-entering the world of Leica M, either with an M10 or an M11. For a one-lens system, should I opt for 35 mm or 50 mm?
  4. Viv

    Leica 35mm ?

    Happy for you!
  5. It's true that the CL does not have the most intuitive of control interfaces. But I like mine all the same.
  6. The excellent composition raises the question in my mind. That's all.
  7. Naw. If you don't know, do your own research.
  8. In the right hands, the inherent limitations of a monochrome camera may stimulate creativity.
  9. This is not "street photography", but never mind.
  10. Excellent composition, selective focus, leading lines. One wonders what is outside the frame at left.
  11. It's a while since I've visited Chino. Must go back sometime. P.S. I decided not to visit the U.S. while Trump was president. I kept to that decision.
  12. This camera pays homage to a series of films that are parodies of books by Ian Fleming. The later films are, arguably, parodies of themselves. They are formulaic and unoriginal. Why Leica wishes to be associated with this genre of film is hard to understand. In any event, I would assume that most of the 007 cameras will be bought by collectors and be little-used.
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