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  1. I agree. Great photographs are not made by cameras, but by the Human Brain 1.01. As cameras become increasingly complex, they may act as a barrier to the creative process. To coin a phrase, it's NOT all about the gear. Disclaimer: I own two Leica cameras. Many of my photos are regarded by others as being of good quality. Some of my best photos were made many years ago with a Canon AE-1. Having said all that, rangefinder cameras are relatively simple and facilitate a slower and more considered process of making photographs. Some years ago I made many acceptable photographs with a Zeiss Ikon film rangefinder. My experience with a Leica M9 was less productive, but that is another story. I am sure that the Leica M11 is an excellent tool. I don't need it.
  2. Demand a replacement. No ifs no buts.
  3. Twist it with vigour. You won't break it.
  4. I understand and largely agree with you regarding the over-emphasis on technology. Having had a bad experience with a Leica M9 (wildly inconsistent white balance and freezing of the camera) I was supremely happy with the Zeiss Ikon film rangefinder camera. It had a much better viewfinder than the M9 and was more pleasant to use, with both Leica and Zeiss lenses. I reluctantly ceased film photography because of the general hassle of getting film developed and scanned into digital form. I am now using the Leica Q2 and the Leica CL; both are excellent cameras. P.S. I don't know what pixel binning is. And I don't care.
  5. Not a camera for me. Come on Mister Zeiss, give me a digital version of the Ikon rangefinder film camera!
  6. Viv

    Baseplate Forever

    The baseplate felt cheap and nasty to me.
  7. Probably the M11. Yawn ....
  8. I no longer have any M lenses. Most of those I had were Zeiss. I disposed of them when I dumped the awful Leica M9, with its terribly inconsistent white balance. I will NEVER buy another Leica rangefinder camera. If, however, Zeiss were to produce a digital version of the Ikon rangefinder camera, I would be first in line to buy it.
  9. I can't find a viable CL replacement. But I'm not worried. I'll just keep my CL.
  10. Relax. Just don't drop it or get it wet.
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