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  1. I think this may be motion blur, possibly induced by shutter shock. Try using electronic shutter.
  2. I would look for a better deal. A camera that relies on the LCD needs that part to be in good condition. The prices on eBay are, IMO, wildly optimistic.
  3. It will not work in TTL. Flashes with an A mode will probably work with the camera in manual mode. If you want a compact and affordable fill-flash, look for a used SF 24 D.
  4. USA both camera and lenses. Germany may cause unnecessary problems with customs. However, your first port of call should be the dealer that you bought the camera from.
  5. UPS has offices both in Thailand and the Philippines. 🙄. If you contact Leica they might even send you a collect label.
  6. The problem, however, is that a camera that is three years old is not new any more. Anyway, as this is not a manufacturing defect but a maladjustment that can easily have been caused by transport, there is no reason to go into angry mode Just hUnless, of course, you follow the directionsave the thing adjusted by your nearest Leica dealer, addresses have been provided, or can be found on Leica's website. Or just call Leica and thet will provide guidance They may even do it whilst you wait. Posting on a forum will not get your camera functioning. Unless, of course, you follow the directi
  7. I must admit that I do not quite understand which filters you mean.
  8. I don’t agree here. The best results are by nano-coated protective filters from B+W or Heliopan. Leica does not offer those. Even then, Leica filters are no better than other high-quality products.
  9. For this image, I like the idea of creating layers in the image in the traditional wide angle fashion. I also like the attempt to create depth by a high-key second layer. The framing of the lady and the moment of the button-push are good. I do feel the wall should be less prominent. If it only took up one-third of the image by pointing the camera to the left it would be clear what the main subject is. I am sure you would have created a third layer on the left. Crop off the CCTV camera, it pulls the eye away. It is unfortunate that DOF does not include the main subject. Use a smaller apert
  10. On this forum we do not retaliate against posts we do not like. We call in a moderator. Fighting is prohibited. As for critiquing photographs, there is a right way and a wrong way. The wrong way is to rubbish them. The right way is to first tell what you like and then suggest improvements. If there is nothing that you like, there is nothing to critique. Additionally, I would advise to prefer quality over quantity when posting. One great shot will do more than a flood of lesser ones. If you post an image about which you feel unsure, request critique. Tell us about the circumstances a
  11. Whatever else, it is a very good lens (although very short for anything but tame wildlife) and used for Infrared it is spectacularly good. For an experiencenced M user a 135 4.0 should present no difficulty at all focussing.
  12. Reworked it I think this crop is better.
  13. I’m afraid that it does mean a trip to Wetzlar for your camera.
  14. No, sorry. For the M9 you need 0.7 mm thickness.
  15. 0,9 mm thickness will probably give you some corner degradadation with wide angle lenses. I have no idea about the exact size but it should be in the order of 24x36 mm or slightly larger. This one appears to be quite oversized. Maybe you''ll be able to trim it.
  16. Which is not allowed on this forum. Posts will be deleted.
  17. Sheesh. This is the simplest adjustment possible for a halfway-competent technician or even DIY. Is there no Leica Store in your vicinity? And buy a camera for one film in three years? https://us.leica-camera.com/Stores-Dealers/Leica-Stores-Worldwide/Leica-Store-Bangkok https://us.leica-camera.com/Stores-Dealers/Leica-Stores-Worldwide/Leica-Store-Manila
  18. Never sell that Rolex. Any photograph taken with a Leica camera when the poster was not wearing a watch worth more than 30.000 $ will not be accepted on this forum, unless it is taken from inside his Bentley !
  19. Have you seen side by side comparisons? I would be most interested.
  20. Of course the jpg settings affect the histogram. It will never be100% accurate for the DNG, as it is based on the jpg. If you want to avoid blown out highlights avoid a spike in the histogram on the righthand edge. However you have a bit of a safety margin. It would be difficult to produce coloured flashing as the processing in the camera is monochrome and not a conversion. The LCD can produce colour, though.
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