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  1. That probably means that the battery is dead - they tend to swell when that happens. You'll have to lever it out.
  2. That is why it has an "add grain" slider - which produces a somewhat nicer structure than digital noise.
  3. PanaS5, 150-600
  4. I doubt whether his ghosts smell of roses...
  5. But the strange thing is that it is only red bleeding.
  6. Depends on the night photos - I have had very pleasing results under normal street lighting. Just use high ISO and Topaz DeNoise.
  7. Possibly - you"ll have to send a DNG to Leica and ask. It could also be a software issue.
  8. But "worst" is a relative term, and can still mean : "pretty good, considering", like: "the 208 was the worst Ferrari".
  9. That is something quite different. It is called Gear Acquisition Syndrome or GAS and is an incurable affliction
  10. i agree. Pixel and MTF peeping leads to silly conclusions.
  11. No the colours don't look different. A lens is always a compromise between size, price, lens speed and quality. Tha 18 is a very good lens with the emphasis on small size. The 18-56 is an optimisation of size, quality and price and less of size. Trying to judge lenses on one aspect only is foolish. If you want a small, but still very good lens to make your camera set compact, get the 18. If you want a class-leading standard zoom and care less about size, get the 18-56. In both cases you will find the image quality more than sufficient.
  12. Yes, I see what you mean. I cannot think of an explanation offhand. Does it do the same if you use another editing program?
  13. Monochrom files are linear DNG which is not recognized by Topaz. I would suggest running them through Adobe's DNG converter (simply drop them on the icon) Chances are that Topaz will open them then. The reason is that linear DNG is a non-raw format (i.e. partially processed).
  14. As far as I’m concerned , a fantastic camera. It has pushed the CL into a light-use role.
  15. Of course they aren’t. Motors for AF and aperture actuation, sensors for manual focus by wire, iinternal focusing, electronic prints, wiring, contacts, it all takes space.
  16. M lenses are designed for small size because of the rangefinder and it shows in the price. M lenses have a longer register distance, making them shorter and don't have to fit AF motors in.
  17. The parts price of the shutter is about 170 Euro - the cost is in the dismantling and assembling.
  18. Leica still repairs M8 as far as they have parts.
  19. (Slightly inspired by Paulus Potter ) Pana S5, Sigma 45/2.8, in camera focus stack. PS 22 CC Topaz sharpen AI
  20. As long as it is always from the same direction. Infinity was chosen by most as lenses are at their shortest then and stow better.
  21. There is a trick for that. Once the images merge one can observe that there is one spot in which the contrast in the rangefinder patch "jumps"; that is the point of perfect alignment. I agree with always focusing from infinity. It standardizes any tolerance play that might be present.
  22. The first thing to do when you have used a card in another type of camera is to format it in the camera you are going to use it in. Otherwise you may run into all kinds of trouble. If that does not work, the most likely cause is a bad contact in the card slot. In that case you can try inserting a card with a MINIMAL amount of contact spray on the contacts a few times, but otherwise it is a case of return the camera to the sellr.
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