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  1. a.noctilux

    Help. Beginner error.

    After this kind of experience, long time ago, since today, before opening the base plate of M or LTM, I turn the rewind knob/crank 2/3 rounds to be sure. Like forgetting the cap on lens... to take photo 🀬 now when I take the Leica in my hand, I remove the len's cap, and recap only when I put the Leica for next time.
  2. πŸ˜‰ M10 of course... if you don't need video. For me M10 is a refined M-P (type 240) with video removed. If M-P you would regret later πŸ˜‡. The best way, if you can try the two is compare them by yourself.
  3. Hello Pete, I'm with you 100%, so I wrote "pretended increased contrast". Never saw that in my real pictures from Elmarit-M asph. The rendering in real photos at same aperture (from f/5.6 on to f/11) of the Elmarit-M asph. IS as pleasant as with my long-loved Summicron-M 28mm. At f/5.6 the most pleasing rendering for me is from Summaron-M 5.6/28mm but that is off topic. I do understand that every lens has it's own flaws and attractions, what I try to learn is how to use at their best for the sake of image I have in mind. I just use those lenses (like other lenses I use) and never try to explain why to myself πŸ˜‡
  4. Talking about size and weight of Summicron-M 2/28mm asph. It's kind of miracle that Leica Camera can create a F/2 Summicron lens as almost same size as F/2.8 Elmarit of same period. Elmarit-M IV 2.8/28mm at 260g , 53mm x 41.4mm Summicron-M asph. 2/28mm at 270g , 53mm x 40.8mm (first version) I have/use some 28mm lenses for M, so I can comment their best use: Summicron-M asph. 2/28mm used without it's big hood is mainly for when I plan to use at f/2 Elmarit-M asph. 2.8/28mm came much later and it's my prefered 28mm for everyday use. After all it's pretended increased contrast can be handy for lanscape with so many details and color hues to resolve and retain. What I appreciate in 28mm Elmarit-M asph. (so small and short) is the zero blockage in VF when I want to give full life to my framing.
  5. a.noctilux

    M10 - calibration

    By accident the 2mm key can fall inside and shutter blind or what else can suffer 🀬... Or if the "DIY calibration" by 2mm Hex key slips... Well, I think that with cautious, good quality 2mm Hex key and something to protect the chamber, this DIY can be done with small risk. 😏With LV or Visoflex this DIY calibration is even much easier than M9 if the lens used IS calibrated or within tolerance.
  6. a.noctilux

    M10 - calibration

    Michael, You can DIY with M10 and 2mm Hex key, but beware. The warranty may fall. As the trouble comes more than one time, the thing can happen also after Your DIY calibration. I suggest that this problem sorted out by Leica to have peace of mind. Maybe (I hope) they will cure the cause of the problem.
  7. a.noctilux

    Leica M2 with 135mm lens

    Hello Jayant, Yes it will work but... - as dof at 1.5m is very shallow, I use the TE with confidence only at more than f/8 (f/22 with speedy film πŸ˜‡ ) - focussing may be tricky with movements of subject and/or photographer = more dof needed - framing at this mini 5 ft distance is very tight, so I frame a bit large Side note, with 0.72 VF Leica M, I have also the Elmarit 2.8/135 with correction lens (x 1.5 ) this is more comfortable but dof remains the same as TE at same aperture, this one is very large/heavy so I use mostly Tele-Elmar 135 when I need 135mm.
  8. Like Pete, with experience, the closest to the Summicron IV for me is the Summicron-M asph. 2/28mm. But for lanscape, I would use the Elmarit-M asph.2.8/28mm (close down anyway) for it's balancing contrast and resolution.
  9. a.noctilux

    Shutter speed poltergeist?

    Welcome Teresa, I've read the same trouble, I don't remember when or where. As the chosen shutter speed is "coded" electrically, if I recall well, maybe some kind of false contact between the dial and the rest of electronic. I fear that only repair people (Leica or not) can cure that. While waiting, I suggest some ideas : Turn the dial many times right and left turning to see if that is better. You can see the shutter speed "electronically chosen by the M" (ignoring or not the speed dial) pushing the "info" button. If you have to use this way untill you have opportunity to send it for repair, later on. Arnaud
  10. a.noctilux

    M10 M-D

    John, I hope that this is only an option ( change setting via Smartphone is clever idea ), and in basic use not relying on another device. If "wrong rumours", that wouldn't bother me as happy user of M-D: Think not having strong enough budget to buy one M10-D if available. I wonder where they took those images ?
  11. a.noctilux

    M10 M-D

    From my post #44 Front button is there (but may have other functions also, we'll see in few days ): https://leicarumors.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Leica-M10-D-camera-without-LCD-screen5.jpg
  12. a.noctilux

    M system spare battery?

    Michael, Another battery can be a safe comfort to be handy when need one more. But in regular use and without video or liveview on your M262, you may not need one more battery. Better yet in this aspect of very long battery life, M-D (typ 262). Side note, Even M10 can be long lasting, like Patrick's use, in this thread...
  13. a.noctilux

    what is displayed in the viewfinder with M10 and M10-P

    I don't understand what you mean by "it delays the metering" ? Out of curiosity, I try to take a picture while the "EV value " shows in VF, no delay for me. I admit that while the picture taken without delay, the shutter speed chosen by the M10 not seen.
  14. a.noctilux

    M10 M-D

    I can talk only about this "movable target" in M10. While I wanted the "meter spot" or "magnified portion" movable on M240, it was added in M10 features. So with M10, the Spot metering and magnified target can be "put anywhere" with direction pad. For me very nice forward move from M240 family to M10. ... Maybe this usefull/nice feature 😍 can be "left" in M10-D with Visoflex use.
  15. a.noctilux

    Leica Quality?

    I really wonder the percent ( or "per-thousand" ) of total products that happen. Normal or not, when bad luck arrives to oneself, normal complain. I hope that would be sorted out by Leica fast.