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  1. Useink!

    Australia '17

    From the west coast tour
  2. My initial efforts with a real, live Leica.
  3. Hi everyone, Just first like to say how delighted I am to have found this forum having purchased a new 'Q' only last week. Regarding fitting the hood, I too found the tightness and subsequent 'off-set' position a slight problem until I smeared the lens and hood threads with a smidgeon of oil (from behind my ears actually!) I've used this lubrication technique before for various applications and have found it to be a useful standby! I also note that when the hood is perfectly aligned on the front of the camera, a soft 'click' can be heard and the hood won't rotate further, serving to indicate that that it is seated correctly and symmetrically. A nice touch I thought and a reassurance that it's simply not possible to over-tighten the hood.
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