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  1. Just received my Q this past week and cannot figure out how to restore the center crosshair. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks, Bruce Bodine
  2. Does anyone know who the sensor manufacturer is? Is this sensor being used in any other camera makes / models? Thanks!
  3. I used the beta version for a while and it seems they are fine tuning the final product but it is workable, although quite different from Photoshop.
  4. I use the Hoodloupe with the Sigma DP1 to look at the lcd to frame and focus. It should work for you on the D-Lux 4 as well. They give you 30 days to try it.
  5. I just this week started to use an online storage site run by Hewlett-Packard known as "Upload". They can and will upload and store any type of file on your computer. Raw, tiff, jpeg etc it does not matter. The cost is only $5.00 per month for unlimited storage. My mind is now at ease as my raid starts to reach capacity. I am not associated with them in any way just a satisfied customer. They also have business accounts available.
  6. Taken this morning in the early light.....love the tones on this mum. E-1 & Summilux D 25mm.
  7. Very nice photo and yes it is a great lens ! I am still in the learning curve but it stays attached to my E-1 as my default lens.
  8. Taken in Forest Park, St. Louis, MO on the day of the ballon glow...very proud of his ride ! Olympus E-1 and Leica D 25mm 1.4
  9. Great recovery but my question is to what do you attribute this to, the M8 or LightZone ? Or is it a combination of both ?
  10. Thank you everyone for your comments. I am really starting to appreciate the quality and capabilities of Leica glass, it makes a nice team with the E-1 Kodak sensor it seems. Thanks again !
  11. Collection from a local produce stand as our weather fades and blooms with it. Olympus E-1 & Leica D 25mm 1.4.
  12. I hope the forum members here can help me out because you are some of the most knowledgeable folks I have seen on any of the various forums. My predicament is learning how to properly use this very nice lens on my Olympus E-1 camera to shoot low light photography of grandchildren. When I have it wide open for maximum aperture say in restaurant lighting I get too much blurred motion. I am wondering if there is a minimum shutter speed I should stay at to stop this from happening. Also does anyone know of a legitimate way to test lens sharpness to make sure it is all it shoud be. I respect t
  13. Taken following a severe summer thunderstorm in South Dakota. Olympus E-1 and Leica D 25mm 1.4
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