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Ravages of war


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Very interesting image. Something a bit off about this guy. He looks like a prop. The beard looks well groomed yet the jacket is soiled, the helmet looks like a relic with that well-placed chin strap. What is the message here?



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Cool portrait. The processing certainly is interesting. The blue in his beard is real or from the processing?

What happened to his shades? Took out your reflection? I already know what you look like from your avatar photo...;)




I had the 90mm Elmarit on the M8.2 and shot this from about 50ft away hence no reflection.

The event was a "Dig again for Victory" where a lot of people dress up in military uniforms from the wars and he was dressed as a pensioner from WW1, I cropped the image down from the original post but below is the full size image (62mb as a 16 bit Tiff).

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