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Focal length change from 4:3 to 3:2 with Lumix FZ 50

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Hello, dear colleagues !

I have a question that I don't get thought through as a non-Mathe genius:
If I change the image format of my FZ 50 / Leica V-Lux 1 (1/1.8" CCD | focal length equivalent KB 35 - 420 mm) in the camera from 4:3 to 3:2, does the (apparent) focal length also change? So I have the purely subjective, obvious feeling that I get a little more wide-angle at 3:2. Is that right, or am I wrong? So maybe 33 mm instead of 35 mm. And how does the 3:2 masking at the long end behave at 420 mm? Please do not offer conversion formulas. I am really too stupid for that. If possible say if and if, how the focal length changes to which value.

Can anyone help me? That would be really nice. Thank you!

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Changing format does not automatically change focal length unless you separately change the lens zoom setting.

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Thank you, David !

In the meantime a user in the german part of the LUF showed me a website, where a specialist told the same as you answered to me. Must be right.
So it would make no matter changing the format on a FZ50 /V-Lux 1.  The only change is the pixelnumber. Only 8.5 MP with 3:2  to 10 MP when using 4:3.
And this really does not make sense ;)

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It does make sense if you consider that the 4:3 format actually uses a greater area of the sensor than the 3:2 format, hence - more pixels. If you used the 16:9 format, pixel count would be even lower. 



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