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  1. That is a bad experience for sure....
  2. Correct me if I am wrong but Leica provide access to various publications on a global basis as well as a dedicated web site for people to show case their work...I also think that the dedicated Leica shops as well as the new initiative of providing rebuilt and checked lenses and bodies with warranty - are pretty easy examples of excellent customer and user engagement - it is all relative I guess - but all things considered they 'put in' a fair amount of infrastructure to maintain their brand and customer loyalty and margins. I don't spend much time in stores but it was interesting to me sitting down and having a coffee in the Melbourne store- ( I live in Sydney) and watching the customers who came in and how the sales staff handled the process - in an hour I watched 3 different people - all well dressed professional types walk in look at a camera ask a few questions handle teh product presented and walk out with a Q2 , an M110M and and an SL2 with a couple of lenses. Customers could sign up for photographic experience opportunities including lessons walk arounds and other 'events'.... It is no accident the popularity of Leica products or margin - there are a lot of customers who are time poor - Leica makes it easy for them to spend. I don't participate in any of this stuff - but plenty of people do. I walked out with an M11 after having tested one for a few days (courtesy of the store) and a refurbished as new M9M and Warranty -which I can sell for more than I paid. I will never go in to a typical camera shop and deal with sales people who are clueless and couldn't care less about what they sell and wont be there in 6 weeks time anyway - different market for different consumers with different needs.
  3. Leica 'launch' events are boring compared to other manufacturers BUT to Leica's credit though- they offer post sales engagement opportunity for photographers who actually use their cameras to make photographs as well as numerous publications and gallery events - which I don't see any other manufacturer matching. That said I shoot with both Fuji and Leica systems - each has their specific advantages for me - and none of my camera/lens choice has ever been influenced by youtoobers or marketing paraphernalia - but I do enjoy some aspects of a greater engagement with users that Leica offer.
  4. Hi jaapv how do you change the prefix? Pete
  5. Leica's target market is not comparable to any other manufacturer. The whole premise of this thread is just a rehash of the open question regarding how long can a company survive charging massive premiums for its products versus other companies which can't. People either understand that the world is made up of individuals with individual preferences and from an economics perspective indifference curves and individual responses to marginal utilities - or they don't. When Leica releases the SL3 with a 60+MP chip - they will sell their next bunch of SL'3's for huge premiums - in the meantime a lot of Leica buyers are enjoying their 60+mp M11 which sells for - huge premiums....
  6. You might enjoy watching these two go about it...
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