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  1. I enjoy the positioning of the viewfinder on the extreme left of the CL body which is a similar shooting positioning as in M cameras. for interchangeable lens type camera the only candidate that has piqued my interest as far as alternatives to the CL go is the Fuji XPro - because of the positioning of its viewfinder It would be a shame of Leica dropped the CL- it is very different and very innovative in its ergonomics and controls. I much prefer shooting with the CL over any M camera I've owned. If Leica wanted to satisfy the apparent demand for a FF M type body with EVF - they already have the perfect candidate in the CL imo.
  2. I had the SL version of the 50 Lux and sold it because it was large and slow. Ive also sold my M 50 Lux - but I would never part with my Nocti - it was a perfect fit on my SL and now SL2 camera - and sits between my SL 35 Cron and my 7SL Cron - I am considering the SL 50 to add because I like 50 mm focal length - tried the Voigtlander thingy and thought it was a poor performer to my eye and taste - but that just goes to show everyone is different - there are lots of fans of that lens. I post a pic of the SL2 and Nocti - because I think they are so well suited to each other - and the zoom focus makes it very easy to nail focus - as opposed to trying it on an M camera - with my eyes anyway.
  3. SL2 | 35cron My Aciera F4 - older than me and still going strong.
  4. I've lacked any interest in photography for over a year now and have spent a lot of time in my workshop - my interest is returning again as it always does. Here is a snap from the workshop ( the other hobby) today. Cheers all. CL with M 75 Summarit.
  5. I have never said that all I want to do is use jpg's. Files have multiple use cases - right now I have to shoot - download SD to computer, save copies to various places, open Capture One or LR and Photoshop save image to various sizes for various uses and then export to website/Instagram etc - we all know the workflow - you dont need to 'school me on file types but thanks anyway.... With my iPhone I can make a photo or a video and upload it to social media - immediately. When cameras are developed that make the uploading to social media easier than they do today - i will get interested in new cameras again - until then - I'm more than happy with the cameras I use today - which is why I have no interest in current offerings (as per the thread question) - hardly a controversial position I would have thought. Actually my comments weren''t designed at criticising Leica - I think all camera manufacturers are pretty mcuh the same - they make great cameras and lenses to be used as they are used today. I'd be happy if FOTOS worked properly on my CL or SL2 or my GFX equivalent wasn't as clunky and unreliable in its useage - making cameras talk to phones isnt rocket science - I just dont think manufacturers have thought it through - have a look at the link I provided in my original post to what is coming - this is the type of functionlity that would make me think a change is worth while - for me. In the meantime I'll keep using what i use.
  6. Ahh finally - you are understanding what i am trying to say ....👍
  7. I dont know what motivates you to make photographs - for me it is sharing with family and friends - the easier this is to do and the faster it is to do the better. If you are finding this to be suspicious and therefore what I say is suspect - lets leave it at that.
  8. JPG's dont have to be big - look at the photo sizes posted on this site : Instagram etc require kilobytes of data not tens of megabytes...
  9. I'm referencing to the age of the technology....if you want to call it 2 yrs old I don't care - makes no substantive contribution or difference to the points I was trying to make - which are obviously of no interest or concern to you.
  10. Thanks for the retail release information - the cameras were being tested a long time before released - yes?
  11. Thanks for the link I will check it out.👍
  12. I mention what some of the cameras I use in order to illustrate how my interest has changed, and in response to the topic - I no longer have any interest in changing, downgrading, upgrading any of the manufacturers current offerings and I have explained why. The GFX100 is now 4 years old and the SL2 is 3. - in camera la la land thse are now middle aged products - as can be seen by the attempted facelift for less offering by Leica and Fuji trying to fill a hole between what they already have and what they may be working on for their next new iterations. The latest Fuji/Leica or whoever's offerings are boring, expensive and add not one iota of meaningful functionality improvement, utility or amenity to me. I haven't read anything from anyone in this or other threads that come close to changing my mind - and I have explained why, as well as provided a link to the type of functoinality I think would be of interest to me. The camera and video capabilities of the Android and Iphone are the #1 purchase consideration of new buyers - after price. Clear demonstration of the real market that any camera manufacturer should consider - there are no excuses for their clunky and ill designed attempts to transfer simple jpgs - it isnt rocket science anymore and hasn't been for years. If you think I am saying that cameras should be come simulcrum of a phone - then you are mistaken.
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