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C41, finish with photoflo?


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I would follow the instructions on the chemistry to the letter, Carl.


I've never done C41, but E6 has its own stabiliser as a final bath.


Thanks Andy, I intend to. And C41 has stabiliser as the last bath as well. Just need to find some free time to get this going now,


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I'm getting ready to face the daemon and start souping C41 film. In relation I have a question: after the stabilizer is a final rinse in battery water and a drop of Mirasol a good or a bad idea? Any insight/experience is greatly appreciated.





The answer is simple.


Don't ever do this.

If you suspect or ever have problems with bubbles or splash with some developping tanks, for ex. with 120 films do this before the first bath for one minute at the correct developping t°. Never at the end i.e. after the stabilising bath.

Good luck.

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They will fade away but that will take years.


In the old stabilizer it contains Formaldehyde 0,5%-1% together with a wetting agent. So it is pretty simple to make.

Color films (C41/E6) before approx. 2002 need this type of stabilizer.


Colors films after approx. 2002 you can use with an alternative stabilizer without Formaldehyde which is a bit crappy stuff.

Apart from taking away the non-used color couplers it also hardens the film.


For 1 ltr. Formaline 1% you need 27ml 37% Formaldehyde and use this with 2-5ml wetting agent. This will work with all types of color films.

Gloves, eye protection and a good ventilation is necessary when using these materials.

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