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  1. Way to much money for what it is. If it had had a 35mm lens, I may have felt differently. Given the fixed 28, I don't have to spend any energy thinking about it.
  2. Thanks all for participating. Here are my votes: 3 points: no. 13 2 points: no. 02 1 point: no. 36
  3. I'm in - I think. Its my nephew's 15th birthday, but I'll manage something during daylight. Cheers! Carl
  4. Everything is being postponed to 2021 due to how uncertain the situation is. So that might be a sensible choice for the Athens challenge also. Cheers, Carl
  5. cbretteville


    Great example of a fantastic image made by a completely unusable camera...🤣
  6. It is quickly approaching ridiculous. I have been a supporter for close to two decades now and spent a lot of money feeding the Leica habit, but there is a limit. Even for me. This is beyond that.
  7. always interesting with the night challenge. #N3 3 points #N1 2 points #N5 1 point cheers, Carl
  8. Well done all! here are my votes: #12 3 points #6 2 points #16 1 point cheers Carl
  9. The Panasonic pages for FW updates has a link to what should be a description of the update procedure from a Leica camera body. This link takes you to the L-Mount landing page. I suspect the procedure is to copy the file to a memory card and turne the camera on after having inserted a fresh battery, but I may be wrong. Does anyone have a description or a link to it? Thanks, Carl
  10. The 11-23 is the current favourite, though the 23/2 is a lovely piece of glass.
  11. @jaapvHad I had a 55-135 I would agree. Unfortunately there is nothing from Leica in the longer range (100-300) so I guess it will be the Pana. Thanks @nicci78 For the insight. I'll live with the imbalance and the power usage.
  12. Almost as beautiful as the DC-3. Thanks for sharing!
  13. All, Looking at the 70-200 for use primarily on the CL, but also on the SL. Can someone in the collective share their experiences? I'd like to have something longer than my 135/3.4 APO for shooting events like air shows. thanks! Carl
  14. Well done all! #5: 3 pts #7: 2 pts #1: 1 pt Carl
  15. Well that sucks, as this is what I had planned for a log zoom for use when shooting airshows. Guess I'll have to rethink, but at least I don't have to buy one and be dissapointed.
  16. The taxi will be arriving at 0430 to start us on our journey. Carl
  17. Its a lens I use quite a lot. Very happy with it on the M240 and the SL. I'll have to take extra good care of her now. Carl
  18. A pair of Harwards crossing directions CL with R180/4
  19. Thanks Japp and Louis, The Arrow keys were an unknown hack to me. I have the Leica M-TL and the Leica R-M adapters, but As I'm taking both the CL and SL to an airshow tomorrow I'll me using theM-TL adapter on the SL with the 135 APO and testing out the 180/4 R on the CL. Focus does not really matter that much at I'll zone focus the action shots, but for static displays it will be good to have the up-arrow trick. Thanks again, Carl
  20. All, Is there any way to get focus peaking enabled when using a non-Leica adapter? I have a generic R to TL adapter. I can't engage the focus peaking. Setting the lens profile to the correct R-lens and focus to manual, the camera is set to "M" and the right wheel is still supposedly changing the aperture of my R lens- Thanks, Carl
  21. The uniqueid is supposed to represent a unique identifier for a single image. In the M8 the developers just picket an available value that changed for each image; It became known as the shutter count as we showed it increased by one for each frame shot. However, it was not necessarily accurate as the number was not reset to zero after a shutter replacement. I seem to recall the M9 used the same method for generating the ID. With the M240 the count is less accurate as video was introduced and the shuttercount is no longer used in the exif value. We see the same in the CL. I haven't done any research into metadata since I wrote the paper on the M8, but from a developer's perspective using a calculated checksum (something like an MD5 or a SHA256) of the image or parts of it makes more sense as it truly represents a unique ID. Looking at the example above it is likely comprised of several parts that are concatenated into a string that is stored. I took delivery of a CL yesterday, so I plan to have a look into the metadata in its and the SL's files over time. Carl
  22. Fuji announced a new Instax yesterday, could be a new Sofort coming
  23. You have to love the look of TechPan. My favourite film of all time (even more so than Tri-X).
  24. I like it. Something about the look on her face that I find intriguing.
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