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  1. When I get a new MacPro that is not over 5 years old in design, instead of getting a stream of new emojis, I'll stop complaining. I don't mind "East Asian" and "Middle East", but where is "Northern European".
  2. John and Euston, have you ever been to Silicon Valley? These people think they know better than you do. They think they should have the exclusive rights to run the world because they do know better. As a result we get these really weird features from Adobe, and Apple. At some point, when the software works, they need to call Lightroom, Bridge, ACR and Photoshop "done", and then fire all the people who constantly twizzle with the software.
  3. That's it exactly for the text. Thanks for your help. And I did try to use Google Translate, and it was not able to translate the whole thing. I did hear back from Adobe, and they do want to get back in touch with me. We have a time set for tomorrow afternoon. I am sending this url to Adobe. What it nice at Adobe is that I now have a single point of contact with a specific e-mail address. I'd rather re-boot than reset all the preferences.
  4. Well, all was working for four days. Now I'm back to where I was on Monday. Sometimes Photoshop CC 2019 won't open unless I reboot. Two more error logs have gone to Apple. I re-contacted the chat person at Adobe, but I have not gotten a response. One oddity is that when I click into a new Text Layer, a string of text is automatically pasted in. The text is in Latin and is several lines long. I know; I shouldn't be an early adopter.
  5. zeitz

    Nik-Collection Software

    I am using MacOS Mojave 10.14.0 and Photoshop CC 2019 V20.0.0, and I am not seeing any problems with Nik. Admittedly I have not tried all the programs in the collection. You do have to copy the Google folder manually into the Plug-in folder after installing any new version of Photoshop.
  6. The mounting flange to film plane distance (often called registration) of a Nikon F mount lens is 46.5mm. Of course the L39 mount is 28.8mm. So the protrusion should be 17.7mm. This is from the Nikon lens rear flange to Leica front lens mount flange.
  7. After a long chat session with Adobe support, we determined that my setting were corrupted during the installation process. The Tech person deleted my settings. I had to rebuild them from scratch. But all seems to be working correctly now.
  8. I loaded Photoshop CC 2019 Version 20.0 today. Sometimes it will open. But sometimes it won't open. When it doesn't, I have to restart my computer and try again. The error log has been sent to Apple. I use a MacPro (late 2013), leased new in April 2018; I am running MacOS Mojave 10.14.0. I have 6 cores and 32 GB of RAM. I know it is not advised to use new software, but I am an early adopter.
  9. zeitz

    Best screen calibration software

    The camera / lens combination profile, the screen calibration, and the printer profile for a specific printer / paper have to be correct for accurate color. Of these I think the printer / paper profile is the hardest. But you are right that accurate color is not always the objective and may not even be desirable in most cases. However, I do like to have the printer to match what I see on the screen.
  10. zeitz

    Best screen calibration software

    Interesting, LD. I use an Eizo monitor with built-in sensor and Eizo software. I wonder what it uses. And I love the Eizo.
  11. zeitz

    Best screen calibration software

    Your question is rather jumbled. The Spyder 3 is hardware, not software. When you buy screen calibration hardware, it comes with its own software. Also I don't know what you mean by "a difference between gelatin and glass models".
  12. Alan, those are all good questions. The assertion I made about "true" IFLEX is based on Laney's Leica Collector's Guide book, page 424. He says the IFLEX "had no accessory shoe or eyelets, although illustrations sometimes show these Items. Visoflex models with serial numbers above 6646 could be factory converted to IFLEX." To add to the mystery I have a Leitz IFLEX produced for Foca cameras. It is unquestionably a Leitz factory production because all the crackle paint and satin chrome match perfectly. The IFLEX bares the Foca trademark in addition to the usual Leitz trademark. This IFLEX for Foca reflex housing has the accessory shoe and eyelets. In a day or two I'll post a picture. For reference the thickness of the Foca screw mount body is 32mm in contrast to Leica's 28.8mm screw mount body thickness.
  13. My thanks, too. I found essentially the same thing in Bridge. Could they have made that any harder?
  14. IFLEX reflex housings are usually of higher value than regular Visoflex I. I guess it's just a situation of supply and demand with collectors. You should be able to trade down and make some money in the process.
  15. Wilson, you have a Visoflex I that has been modified with an IFLEX focusing screen accessory. I believe Leitz offered this modification or at least supplied the parts to its repair facilities for the modification. A "genuine" IFLEX does not have strap eyelets, and there would not be a finder shoe on the right side.