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M9 demand vs supply 10:1 in UK


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I hear from 2 dealers in the UK that they have waiting lists that are 9 or 10 times the number of M9s they have sold so far. If that is typical it looks like there may be a long wait for some.


Will this mean the price goes up soon?


Hi Ian

Snap - I've had just the same report - actually, the two dealers I asked both had waiting lists of around 40, and they had both had 3 cameras so far.


The price will go up in January with the VAT anyway. Otherwise I wouldn't think so. I guess we should all be pleased that the camera is such a big success . . even if it means waiting longer (I'm in a queue for a silver one too :-( )

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Sounds bad but how many were sold in the first wave? And evidently they have ramped up production to some 120 a day now that M8 production has stopped. So it may not be too long to wait, and some will drop out of the list.




I hope this is not wishful thinking. My dealer has 40 on order and I'm no. 14. Very frustrating. But at least I haven't sold the M8 yet.

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Think classic supply and demand economics. With increasing demand , production should increase, and in time, prices should come down, and profits should rise with greater volume.


Leica is a corporation in a capitalist world, and all of the above guarentee making money!!!!

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