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Just for fun: post your 2008 film statistics!


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Ok guys, 2008 is almost over, and I thought it could be fun to see how much of what everyone did shoot during this last year. I'll start this off with the results of my film count for 2008, from lower ISO to higher:


in 35 mm:

3 x Efke 25

5 x Efke 50

4 x Ilford Pan-F

1 x Fuji Neopan SS

5 x Arista Premium 100 (a.k.a. Plus-X)

17 x Kodak Plus-X

4 x Ilford FP4

2 x Ilford Delta 400

42 x Kodak Tri-X

27 x Arista Premium 400 (a.k.a. Tri-X)

2 x Fuji Neopan 400

1 x Kodak TMY

50 x Fuji Neopan 1600


and 1 single roll of Fuji Pro400H :D


in 120:

2 x Ilford Pan-F

2 x Bergger 200

9 x Ilford HP5


for a total of 164 rolls of 36 exposure film (5.904 frames), or slightly more than 3 per week average, and 13 rolls of 120 (1 roll per 4 weeks, total 156 frames). After developing and scanning, I kept about 1.950 images, about a third of the amount shot, out of which about a 20% are very good to my eye - which makes it about 400 good pics on about 6.000 shots. I'd say 90% or more of the 35mm have been shot with Leicas (mostly MPs & M2s), a few with an Olympus XA and an F5; the MF has been shot between my Hassy and a Super Ikonta; the plan for 120 is to use my newly acquired Mamiya 6 quite a bit next year (there is some Hasselblad-heavy projects coming up as well) :)


I don't have a statistical count of my digital work yet... ;)


How about you guys? :)

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What I am learning from this is that you clearly keep better records than me.


For me it is less . . .


In 35mm:


About 25 rolls of TriX (maybe 3 of which rated at 1600)

About 20 rolls of TMax 400

About 10 rolls of TMax 100

Couple Velvia 50s


All the 35mm were with a Bessa R for the first few months of the year, then with a M7. Oh and about 5 additional TX's through a great little Yashica T4 I keep in the glove compartment.




About 5 rolls of various 120 films through a toy camera (Holga 120N) -- none very satisfying (I had high hopes for the last one of TX400 but could not get the darned thing on the Paterson reel in the changing bag -- 120 is so much harder to load for me than 35mm)




About 25 sheets of 4X5 (Polaroid 55 and Velvia 50) with a Toyo 45A.

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About 50 rolls of 35mm, mostly Portra 160 and Gold 400 with maybe five Velvias on M4-2, SL2, R6.2.


Exactly 97 rolls of 120, 80% on Hasselblad, the rest on Bronica RF645; 60 % of it on Provia 400X, the rest either Kodak 100G or Provia 100F.


Will try to do better in 09 :)

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Here is my mileage so far..not including tonight;)


TriX 40 Rolls

Neopan 400 65 Rolls (yes I did a lot of experimenting)

Portra 160 5 Rolls (vacation)

Delta 100 2 rolls (just added it as my low ISO film)


Almost all went through my CL and IIf and all developed (except the Portra) in HC 110.


All in all 2008 was the year that I shot the most film ever, by far, even with my M8 in the bag..mmmmmmmmm:eek:


Cheers and long live film




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Just over 100 films this year - 90% black and white, with FP4+ and HP5+ being the bulk, but about a dozen different types all told. Several different developers but mostly in ID-11.


70% were in 35mm, mostly on the MP and M7 but I've used about ten different cameras this year.


30% were 120, mostly on the Holga :p

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Making a review of the orders to Freestyle of this year and counting the rolls on my fridge,, the numbers are ....:


slide film ( R9, R5)

46 kodachrome 64

07 Kodachrome 200

22 Provia 100

05 Astia 100

proccess at Dwayne´s


B&W ( MP, Nikon F3HP)

16 Arista II 400ASA

08 Arista EDU 100 ASA

05 EFKE 25

12 Ilford Pan F plus 50

16 Kodak Tri X

home process


Color film( R9)

10 Fuji Reala

06 Kodak 100 UC

04 Kodak Ektar 100


Of the total , the keepers are around 25 - 30%...


Happy New year 2009 .... and keep shooting film

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I don't have the majority of my developed negs handy, so I'll just let you know that my film lab fees for the year were approx. $33,000.


they don't swap silver with gold, do they ... :D That's an impressive bill.





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I did not really keep books about this. So, I guess: All in all I have about 50 rolls, mostly apx100 and tmax400 (tmy400-2), 3-4 adox chs50 and hp5. Most of them KB shot on the M6, only 10 120 Films with the Holga. Film Rocks!


I wish everybody here a good Film Year 2009



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Kodachrome 64 (and a few 200) -- around 10-15

Fuji Velvia 50 (and a few 100f) -- around 10

Fuji Superia -- various speeds -- 100, 400, 1600 (just a couple) -- another 10 maybe

Tri X, Tmax 3200 -- 10-15

Ilford Delta 3200, 100, HP5+ -- not a lot! -- 10ish again, maybe.


I'm amazed by how much film some of you get through! I wish I had the time. More power to you.


All the best, John

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