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  1. I purchased a couple of M to L close focus adapters marketed by a Chinese firm Haoge from Amazon a year or so back. I posted about the adapter to the forum at the time. Unfortunately, a search just now does not show the M-L version - only M to other lens mounts. I found these adapters to be quite good. They are not built to the specs of the 10x more expensive ($795) Leica macro-adapter, but they work well and allow the camera to focus at infinity when dialed all the way in. I don't have one at hand while writing this, but I believe they move the lens out to about 5mm which allows you to focus
  2. As BernardC summarizes, resolution of the sensor and updated auto-focus are the major changes. I do not often use auto-focus and haven't determined how much improved the fp-L is over the fp. The new sensor produces beautiful results - in resolution if that is meaningful to your images and in tonality. The fp offers better low light performance compared to the fp-L due to its large pixel size. The fp's low light noise handling is also better than the SL type 601. I've recently been working on a series of 24 x 36 prints from the fp-L + VM apo-lanthar 50. I am very happy with the results. I
  3. I own the Leica SL and both the Sigma fp and fp-L. I enjoy having both cameras that can use the same lenses. The fp has weight and size advantages over the Leica SL that make it a good choice for traveling. Not sure your needs for a family camera - the fp series has limitations that require the photographer to pay attention to the settings (electronic shutter banding, difficulty using outside in sunlight without separate EVF, etc.) - and there are a lot of settings. I'm not sure that it is suitable for kids, depending on their ages and interest of course. Is there a reason you would opt
  4. Have you ever had an apple stop you dead in your tracks? apo-lanthar 50 + sigma fp-L
  5. Agree... becoming my most used lens. Once you get used to the sharpness it can be hard to give it up.
  6. Congratulations on your new camera! As with all new equipment, there is some learning curve. When you are shooting in Manual with auto-ISO, you are really shooting in an automatic mode. The camera will choose the ISO to properly expose the photo so you will not see a lightening or darkening when adjusting the aperture or shutter speed. You'll need to use exposure compensation to force the camera to overexpose or underexpose with this setting. (I'm sure you know this, but adding just in case). I did shoot out of camera jpegs sometimes early on but now almost never do. I generally find the
  7. Boy tormenting ducks. Sigma fp-L + VM Apo-lanthar 50.
  8. The electronic only shutter on the fp and fp-l will make indoor photography challenging. I find the response similar in both cameras... banding is controlled at 1/60 shutter, less so at 1/125 and very strong at faster shutter speeds. While the camera can perform well using 1/60 second shutter with LED or fluorescent lights, the hard part is remembering this limitation when working indoors. It's a drag to shoot and discover the banding only when you review the pictures later on. My experience with auto-focus is limited... I tend towards using manual focus lenses. I've not noticed a dramat
  9. Thanks... I have a house on Old North Hwy. Wish I could get there more. Maybe again before Labor Day though outside season is my favorite.
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