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  1. Thanks... I have a house on Old North Hwy. Wish I could get there more. Maybe again before Labor Day though outside season is my favorite.
  2. Hard to choose - the two cameras are obviously very similar. The handling of noise at higher ISO settings is excellent in the fp - slightly better than the SL2-S I believe, based on studies. There is more noticeable trade-off with "grain" in the fp-L. I did update the firmware in the fp but I have not yet connected the EVF to that camera. The EVF (or its larger optical cousin) is an important accessory for shooting outdoors in sunlight. I've never had a camera with image stabilization so I don't miss it. The electronic shutter poses an issue shooting indoors in artificial light. Shooting in LE
  3. Meschutt Beach, Apo-Lanthar 50 full size detail (Sigma fp-L)
  4. Many thanks. The fp-L, like the Leica SL, is adaptable to pretty much any lens in your collection. Your favorite Leica M glass will be well suited. At home I've experimented with just about everything I've accumulated over 40 years of shooting. For travel, my current bag is small and I am filling it with two bodies - Sigma fp-L with EVF and Sigma fp with Sigma 24 mounted - 3 M mount lenses - VM apo-lanthar 35 and 50, summilux asph 50 - and one longer lens, choosing between the elmarit-M 90, Sigma 85 1.4 or Leica apo macro-elmarit 100. At the moment, I am reaching for the fp-L + apo-lanthar 50
  5. Thank you... the light was nice for this early evening walk around. There were quite a few Pontiacs represented, most from the mid 1960s. I learned to drive on a 1969 Grand Prix. I think the doors on that car weighed about as much as my current ride. ;^)
  6. Meschutt Beach, Hampton Bays, NY. full size crop of the caddy fly... The Sigma fp-L + VM apo-lanthar 50 have become my main walk around combination.
  7. Appreciate the comments... we are on the same page wanting content to be of interest and on topic. all the best, Alan.
  8. Thanks for the note. Moderators, please delete my posts if they are off topic. There seems to be interest from long time Leica users (I am one) in Leica partner products - Voigtlander VM and Sigma L-mount cameras specifically. But there are other threads dedicated to this content. I will make sure to keep my posts there. Clear skies, Alan
  9. snowy egret taking flight on Great Peconic Bay VM apo-lanthar + sigma fp-L, cropped from a larger image.
  10. Show boat, no boat and paddle boat. VM apo-lanthar + Sigma fp-L
  11. Stink eye for the photographer. VM apo-lanthar 50 + Sigma fp-L
  12. VM apo-lanthar 50, f5.6, ISO 1250, 1/2 second exposure at sunset. (Sigma fp-L)
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