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  1. Great fun to read... thanks for taking the time and for sharing it here.
  2. Thanks for sharing that... great fun. I guess that is why there is no aperture ring on the Summicron-SL. How do find the lens to handle on the SL2? I am using the Type 601 still.
  3. I have indeed considered adding one of the APO-Summicron-SL lenses. I will spend some time with one the next chance I have to be in B&H. I have a few of the new Sigma lenses which are quite good and serve well for subject matter where auto-focus is a real help. When I can, manual focus is my preferred method to work so I have been hesitant to invest in the SL lenses... they have been described as not the best to use manually (the Sigma lenses are quite nice used manually). I think I need to try it on for myself. I wonder if the hybrid focusing system of the new fp-L will be good with the L
  4. Hi Hans, Thank you for taking the time to share these thoughts. It is indeed a very limited comparison with some lenses that most wouldn't have or use - your observations are sharp and much appreciated. I've always been a better lens buyer than a seller and I will likely always keep my small collection of pre-aspherical Summicrons and Elmarits for M mount. The Voigtlander Apo-Lanthar series (I purchased both the 50 and the 35) have impressed me for landscape and documentary use where detail to the edge of the frame is to be studied. They are also beautifully constructed - a pleasure to ha
  5. So sorry to hear that but thanks for sharing. The version I've used on the SL is an earlier design that had the strap lace through a number of crossways slits. I wound up add some adhesive for security. The newer version uses the metal stud which I suspect is the version you have. I ordered one in for a new camera yet to arrive. It seems that it would be secure - can you tell us a little more about your experience with it slipping? I liked the idea of it being removable, but perhaps a dab of adhesive will be needed for safety.
  6. I had a chance to evaluate a few lenses (with the help of my wonderful wife who indulged me on my birthday to sit as a subject) in that never-ending project to identify the prime suspects for carry in a small travel bag with my Leica SL or Sigma fp. The choices are a somewhat idiosyncratic array of old and new 50 something lenses, made possible by the many adapters available for L-mount. My fast choices are old - a Summilux-R 50 (ver.1) and a Noct-Nikkor 58 1.2. My Summicron-M 50 (type 4) and new Apo-Lanthar 50 f2 Asph round out the choices. The inclusion of a fast lens in my kit is a priority
  7. Look forward to your updates. I opted for the bundle with the EVF. No word on availability yet.
  8. Are you speaking of a specific lens to lens comparison?
  9. Another thumbs up for the Rock n'Roll link straps. I have the Hendrix on my SL (601). The suspension effect makes for a very good handling of the weight. They now make a Goliath version if you are carrying a really big lens. The original Hendrix rolls up into a nice tight coil. I chose 125mm. The original synthetic strap that came with the SL has been very nice on my Sigma fp. I bought a second Hendrix for the new fp-L with EVF.
  10. Indeed!... no squawking and only an occasional honk now and then. My sense is that most will find the VM Apo-Lanthar 35 impressively sharp with false color very well suppressed. Those for whom the Leica Apo-Summicron 35 is a must have will have no need to look further. Forest Lawn Cemetery is a few blocks from my home and provides some handsome landscapes that have been under cultivation for more than a century and a half. The walk to and from is also filled with interesting stuff to photograph. full size crop:
  11. Baby leaves and abundant geese - VM Apo-Lanthar 35 + Sigma fp
  12. Might be easier to search comparisons between the Apo-50s from Leica and Voigtlander. The 35s should perform similarly with the VM showing more vignetting at f2. Illumination is more even at 2.8+. The pride in owning a very special Leica product will account for much of the disparity. I've not touched the Leica but I do own and like both the VM Apo-Lanthar lenses... a little long but friendly weight and very enjoyable haptics to my hands. Shot with the Apo-Lanthar 35 _Sigma fp. I am looking forward to exploring these optics in combination with the 61mp sensor on the Sigma fp-L
  13. Last call for leafless enjoyment of tree structure... Apo-Lanthar 35.
  14. The fp-L body is now in stock at B&H and others. The bundle with the EVF is apparently somewhat further out... not able to get an accurate shipping date on my order.
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