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I like film...(open thread)

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6 hours ago, erl said:

James, nice place and time of day! The streaks of shadows from the clouds give it authenticity. I see it often where I live. I love it.

Just to explain my comment regarding the streaks: I do not complain about the shadow streaks but rather some white streaks coming from damaged emulsion. If you look closely you might see them in the middle of the picture in about the height of the sun. In this picture they are not that pronounced and I already did some copy & paste in Lightroom to cope with this issue. 

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13 hours ago, Sparkassenkunde said:


Nice catchy colors in your latest contributions. In this particular picture it would have been nice, if the composition were slightly different to get a full person within the frame between body and elbow.


Thanks, James.  While we're at it, I personally would have liked a beautiful woman in a full-length polka dot dress and big cat sunglasses walking her poodle in the beginning of the crosswalk on the far side, while maintaining the space between the abstract elbow and dress on each side of the frame with the large white horizontal lines from the crosswalk providing the additional repeating lines and angles.  That classic woman would have filled the scene with additional patterns and shapes and added just the right human element! 😉 😂

13 hours ago, Sparkassenkunde said:

Just another salty and unfortunately streaky sunset:


M4-P - Cron 35 - Silbersalz35 50D

I can't really see the streaks, but it really does suck that yet another great film has irritating shortcomings.  I hope it was really just a bad batch and that you have clean results in your next go at it.  I will be keeping an close eye on what comes next as I am really intrigued.  

12 hours ago, benqui said:

Never been there, but Tel Aviv seems to be a very cool place!

Cool pretty much sums it up, Marc.  Lots of cool people here.  I barely fit in!

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Really lovely shot, Dirk. A new member of your family?

18 hours ago, DirkR440 said:

Leica MP, 50mm Summilux and Ilford SFX 200:

with a friend :-) by Dirk R., auf Flickr

Thank you James. Well since I like to be as much in front of the camera as behind I'm sure a video could be done, but what makes me hesitate are all the other aspects of producing something like this. My main goal was actually to design something that anyone can build. I have a few more ideas about the necessary ingredients which may simplify the design even further, so there may be a version 3 coming at some point. 

15 hours ago, Sparkassenkunde said:

This seems to be a really decent tool. Did you think about a Kickstarter campaign? I think there could be some demand out there, and if I see what kind of stuff is offered nowadays by hip companies (and sells in no time) this might become a profitable attempt. You would have do take a fancy video, though...

This is really nice. 

14 hours ago, cobbu2 said:

Noticed this reflection strolling around downtown Jacksonville.

Leica IIIg, 50/2 Summicron (Collapsible), 400TMY-2, HC-110B

Very good Marc, and just like cobbu's above it shows what a great developer HC110 is. 

13 hours ago, MT0227 said:
  • Rollei 35 | 40mm/3.5 Tesser
  • TriX pushed 1 stop in HC-110(B) @ 20c
  • LS-9000

Wheels Up - Jersey City Waterfront

2019-07-28-000014 by Marc Tauber, on Flickr

I love the colours on this one, Steve. I've been to Hvar a long time ago but missed this castle unfortunately so thanks for posting the image.

9 hours ago, sblitz said:


vrdlj Castle, former home of Petar Hektorovic in Stali Grad on Hvar Island in Croatia ..... Ektachrome, Leica MA, 50mm DR summicron

Very nice John, and runs circles around the colour pictures I've seen online of this mill.

49 minutes ago, jcraf said:

John Webb's Windmill. Thaxted, Essex.

M7, 35 Summicron Asph, XP2.


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2 hours ago, philipus said:

Very good Marc, and just like cobbu's above it shows what a great developer HC110 is. 

Thanks Philip...I like the fact that I can make fresh developer to order when needed, that is one of its best features :)   I'm going to start portioning my C41 Chemistry too, so I can develop on the fly in a cost effective manner.   

Edited by MT0227

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On 8/6/2019 at 5:43 AM, A miller said:

Very nice, Marc.  I hope you are getting warmed up for me.  I have a new spot along the east river that we need to master.

Ready to go when you return....kids will be at school which equals more time for me :)

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vor 20 Stunden schrieb Ernest:

Illies certainly deserves applause for his cinematic cutting from one scene to the next, balancing personalities, art, music, literature, and politics, all with detailed research. Rich reading.

Rog, I absolutly agree —1913 was about the  most satisfying book I read last year-entertaining but not shallow,  loads of content without getting academic -I ´m glad you like it. 


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