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  1. Armament through the ages. Tilbury Fort, Essex.VLux Typ114.
  2. jcraf

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    That must smart even more for a hybrid, Wilson. It's all gone totally pear-shaped, and I for one don't buy the diesel demonisation. There are diesels...and then there are diesels. My day to day company lease vehicle is a newly-released 2018 model, with a brand new design of highly efficient small diesel engine. When I tried to park it on a London street recently, in addition to the exorbitant fee, I was going to be charged an extra 8 quid because I was driving a diesel car with an engine which was, seemingly, emitting the poisonous and foul discharge from Satan's bottom itself. Madness. Anyhow I guess we're way off thread from Lyon. Which was massively enjoyable!
  3. jcraf

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    But if your car has a list price of over £40k and was registered after April 2017, irrespective of emissions, years 2 to 6 attract an additional premium of £310 per annum. So my 2017 Merc, which is pretty clean for its size and power should only be £140 a year to tax based on emissions. But it’s not, it’s £450. And if that’s not daylight robbery, I don’t know what is.
  4. Fulfilment is a sunny lawn after a long walkM2, 50 Rigid Summicron, XP2.
  5. Providing street entertainment, each with his or her respective instrument.M240P, 50 Summilux Asph.
  6. Bottles of refreshment which had to ferment.M240, 50 Summiluix Asph
  7. jcraf

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    Pete knows that he might not be able to find another baby in a bubble, and is looking concerned.
  8. Thanks Stefan. Flights will now be booked. Good to see you in Lyon. We diehards are still here. We will have a beer for you....!
  9. jcraf

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    A really big thank you to Andy, Christoph, and last but not least, Veronique for organising a superb One Challenge here in Lyon today. All topped off with a wonderful meal tonight at ‘Le Nord’. Great to see everyone. Safe travels home, and here’s to Seville 2019!
  10. jcraf

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    Well, she certainly appeared to have moved in a mysterious way. Sorry you can’t be with us Robert. I’ll have a beer for you later!
  11. jcraf

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    I saw her in the Vieux Lyon metro station at the bottom of the funicular a bit later; she had evidently got down before I did. Perhaps she abseiled or parachuted down. Anyhow, she shot me a withering glance.
  12. jcraf

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    I did get off at Minimes to have a look at the Roman amphitheatres and got the impression that Fourvieres is indeed quite close (qv the map, I guess) but I got the impression it is not quite a level walk. Additionally only one platform at Minimes has a lift. The service up and down uses alternative platforms in turn, so to speak, so that each of the 2 platforms serves an up and a down service in turn, if you get what I mean.....It caught me out, as it did a visiting nun, who I advised in pigeon French, only to realise that what I thought was the down platform was, for the next train in, the up one. Must be something to do with the vagaries of funicular railways. It could only happen to me!
  13. jcraf

    Lyon One Challenge : 13/10/18

    Having attempted this morning to get the funicular up to Fourviere that line, the F2, Is suspended until 17 October. I didn’t spot that on my trawl of Lyon resources on line. There is apparently a replacement bus service from St Just to Fouviere; the other funicular F1 to Minimes and St Just is running.